A wedding, a birth, a day to remember – Guest Post by My Little Me

a baby story by MyLittleMe.com

It was the night before my sister’s wedding thirteen years ago…  

I was 37 weeks pregnant and one of her bridesmaids practicing at the rehearsal dinner.  I started feeling contractions and chuckled as I said, “Wouldn’t it be horrible if I missed your wedding tomorrow?”

Haha!  The joke was on me.  The contractions got closer together early the next morning and I made my way to the hospital to see how I was progressing.  I was quickly informed that I would be having the baby that day.  My first baby would be born on my sister’s wedding day.  What a happy day!  Although I did feel bad that I would be missing her wedding. 

That day was one of my mother’s busiest.  She would pop in and out to see me while trying to help my sister prepare for her wedding.  

The baby didn’t come… and the baby didn’t come… The wedding hour was quickly approaching, leaving my mom feeling pulled in two directions.  The wedding was scheduled for 5:30 pm.  My son finally arrived at 4:44 pm.  Giving my mom 45 minutes to drive from one end of town to the other. 

The hospital staff was wonderful and let most of the wedding party visit after hours that evening, still in their wedding attire.  I’m sure it was a site to see them all come in to the hospital in beautiful dresses and tuxedos!

Three weeks early and he couldn’t wait another day.  They make their appearance when they are ready, no matter what plans mommy has!

Did you have a baby who decided to arrive on a day when you had other important plans?

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    Haha, that story is way too cute!! My daughter did the same thing- was three weeks early! No wedding though, thank heavens. But we were NOT prepared for it and did not have a name picked out either! We decided on her name on the way to the hospital, ‘just in case’ she came early, LOL. You are right, they come when they want to!! I have a feeling this baby will be early too. Probably Christmas day, LOL.

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