Train Tickets Roaring Through the U.S. This Fall

Cover of "Save Me, San Francisco"

Cover of Save Me, San Francisco

Train is going full throttle in their tour to promote their sixth studio album! The tour runs through the end of September, and will traverse the U.S with a stop in Canada. I just checked and while we’re too late to purchase tickets at our nearest venue, Train tickets are currently on sale for other locations. The kids and I love Train, we have several albums and always crank up the radio when Pat Monahan’s voice is heard on the airwaves! {You could say my hubs is a bit sick of hearing our sing-a-longs!}

Train has seen some amazing success over the years, their albums are popular and I enjoy the different styles they incorporate into their music. I also appreciate that each song seems to have a great story behind it, check out what a few favorites are all about!

Peaking at number two on the Billboard Rock Albums chart, “California 37” was released in April, 2012. It’s the band’s second album since coming back from a three-year hiatus. Since their return, Train has been nominated for numerous awards. They’ve won several, including a 2011 Grammy for the hit song “Hey, Soul Sister.” They also won two Billboard Music Awards in 2011 for top rock artist and top rock song.

Their previous album, “Save Me, San Francisco,” was successful as well. The album climbed to number three on Billboard’s chart. “Save Me” spawned two major hits for the resurgent band. “Hey, Soul Sister,” topped the Billboard Adult Pop chart in 2010, while “Marry Me” rose to fourth place on the same chart. The popularity of the two songs helped the album achieve its success.

Scott Underwood, Pat Monahan and Jimmy Stafford form the core of the group. The three founding members bring in a wide variety of musicians for their studio sessions. Touring band members include the core as well as Jerry Becker and Hector Maldonado.

The band experiments a little on “California.” The song “50 Ways to Say Goodbye” opens with Latin horn riffs. The song is a wistful yet humorous tale about a spurned lover. Rather than admit he’s been dumped, the narrator makes up tales about his lover’s demise. The bouncy rhythm nicely complements the laundry list of improbable deaths.

“Drive By” is another breakup song. The pulsing rhythm drives a catchy melody. Some of the lyrics are delivered in a singsong manner that flirts with rap. In indomitable pop fashion, the song is peppy and upbeat even though it is about a broken heart.

The introduction to “When the Fog Rolls In” sounds like the beginning of a gospel song. This tune is much slower paced than most on the album. It has lovely blending of the instruments and vocals to paint a picture of the end of a relationship. The lyrics are almost, but not quite, maudlin. It has just enough pathos to make many women’s breakup mix tape.

“California 37” has a full rich sound with skillful production. The band members have a solid grasp of their instruments. This is very much a pop album, however. The band seems to have found their commercial groove and is staying in it. 

It’s a good album which has been enthusiastically received by fans eager to support the reinvigorated band. Train tickets are available now for the fall tour, will you be going?

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