How not to put a screen protector on the Galaxy SIII #VZWSM

I’ve been talking a lot about the joys of owning a smart phone lately. What I have failed to mention are the struggles I have had by being a smart phone owner who is a dork. When I received my new Samsung Galaxy S III last month, I was so excited about the large screen. I knew that I would have to buy a screen protector for the screen that was going to get a ton of use. 

After reading a ton of reviews and browsing my favorite shopping site ever {Amazon}, I found a decently priced pack of clear screen protectors to fit the Galaxy S3. I also found a really cute Cruzerlite flexible gel case with the little Android on it in my favorite teal color! 

galaxy s3 cell phone

When my package arrived, I excitedly took the screen protectors out and started to apply one. Let me first tell you that I have never put a screen protector on a phone before, ever. On my first smart phone, I asked the guy at the mall kiosk to put the screen protector on for me, he did and it happily stayed there for almost a year before I got my new phone.

I watched the kiosk guy do it…

…it looked easy. If a mall kiosk guy can put on a screen protector, surely I can as well! Right?


After my first attempt, and many tries at getting the slippery little piece of plastic to lay flat, go on straight, not cover any holes, and have no bubbles. I took a breather.

This requires concentration!

I reread the instructions, found the little plastic thingy they included to rub out air bubbles {Oops, missed that!} and tried again. I had hair, dust, specks and who knows what else all over the screen protector after several more attempts. I tossed that one aside and started over with the one remaining protector. 

After some intense concentration and a few whispered pleas to the heavens… I DID IT! The screen protector was on my phone and IT WAS PERFECT! I excitedly held my phone up to my son and proceeded to tell him how cool his mom was for being able to apply her own screen protector. All I got was an */eyeroll for my efforts but I was pleased with myself. Very pleased.

galaxyS3 smartphone

Why was it so hard to slide my finger across the surface of the screen? It was not smooth at all. I was getting irritated. I paid $10 for THIS? I looked at the instructions one more time. Then it hit me. 

I had successfully applied the WRONG piece of plastic to my smart phone….

Yes, you heard me, Instead of the actual screen protector, I had just spent a good eight minutes applying the peel-it-off-and-throw-it-away-protective-film-for-the-screen-protector to my phone. Not the screen protector.


Turns out, the screen protector has a film on BOTH sides of the screen protector that BOTH need to be peeled off. Anyways, I sheepishly pulled of the film and had the screen protector easily in place in less than a minute… air bubble and lint free. I have never claimed that I possess common sense….

…or, a brain.

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Disclosure: I am participating in the Verizon Wireless Midwest Savvy Moms program and have been provided with a wireless device and six months of service in exchange for my honest opinion about the product.
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  1. 1

    Oh goodness, I have to laugh because I have never put on a screen protector either, I always make my husband do it. So do you like the case and protector now that everything is on? I need one for my phone, and I have been putting it off since I already dropped the silly thing and cracked the screen :(

    • 2

      Yes! I love the case! Granted, the case is just a gel one, it does have a slight lip so that I can place it screen down without worrying about it getting scratched. The screen protector is nice as well, it went on really easily once I figured out how to do it right! I almost didn’t post this, it’s pretty embarrassing but eh, I am a dork! Oh no about your screen!

  2. 3

    LOL you sound like me! I have the Galaxy SII Skyrocket however I thought it was just Galaxy SII, had no idea there were two different ones. I bought 2 cases on Amazon, didn’t fit. Did a review with Cygnett for more cases didn’t fit. Yeah who’s the dork? ME!! I love that teal color though very pretty.

  3. 4

    oh this was funny – those things ARE tricky!

  4. 5

    LOL I have the hardest time with those things too .. sigh!

  5. 6

    I hate screen protectors. Which is why I don’t use them. My case now for my phone… has it built in! Score! Haha

  6. 8

    LOL. My screen protector protector placement skills are a little lacking, I tend to let the professionals handle mine. Great article!


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