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I have been a smartphone user for just under a year. While I am still learning all there is to know about how to take advantage of everything a smart(er-than-me)phone has to offer,  I do have a few favorite apps and features. I thought I would share them with you today! 

My favorite feature this month

My photos automatically upload to my Google + account! I found the setting on my Galaxy S3 that turns on instant upload and I am in love! I cannot tell you how much time this feature saves! I used to have to individually email each photo to myself, then save them to a file on my computer. Many times I simply wouldn’t do it since it took so long, I would just leave them on my phone and never use them again. Now, If I go to an event or on a family trip and use my Galaxy S3 to take photos, the photos will be waiting for me in my Google + account when I get home! The best part is, they go right to a private folder so I don’t have to worry about sharing a bunch of photos I don’t want public. Love!

instant upload

Free Apps I am loving

My top four apps are ones that I use on a daily basis. 

TuneIn Radio is my favorite music app. I can automatically find the radio stations that I know and love, add them to my presets, add favorite songs to my presets and more. I can even listen to our area fire and police scanner radio! The sound quality on the Galaxy S3 is great so my music sounds perfect every time!

tunein radio app

ZipList keeps me (kind of) sane. I used to always make out my grocery list, then leave it at home on the table. To make sure I get what I need when I’m grocery shopping, I just add items to my ZipList. I can even update the list from my home computer if I want my hubby to pick something up and it will automatically update the app on his phone. I can create lists for different stores and sort them according to aisles! The coolest feature of this app is that I can scan the barcode of my favorite products and it will automatically find them for me so  can add them to my list! Less typing, WooHoo!

ziplist app

Instagram is self explanatory but no favorite app list would be complete without it! Now that I have the Galaxy S3, I’m not as embarrassed about sharing my shots, this phone takes amazing photos!

Amazon Kindle is a useful app as well. I do have a Kindle that I use every single day. When I am out and about and need to kill soem time at the doctor’s office or waiting for someone, I can pull up the Kindle books I have in my account for a quick read. Very handy! The big bright screen on the Galaxy S3 keeps the print at a manageable size so I’m not straining my eyes very much.

HoopLine from Verizon – I haven’t used the HoopLine app myself but I love the cause that it supports! 

HopeLine from Verizon puts the nation’s most reliable network to work in the community by turning no-longer used cell phones into support for domestic violence victims and survivors. Using location-based technology, the app guides users to the nearest Verizon store, where they can donate no-longer-used wireless phones and accessories to HopeLine. Include hashtag #HOPE.     

Apps I want to use more often

Evernote – I keep hearing great things about this app. I downloaded and installed it but have yet to use any of the features.

Calorie Counter – I thought that having an app to keep track of my calories would help me become more accountable about the foods I am eating. So far, not so much. I’m not giving up on it though!

What are your favorite smartphone features?

What am I missing? I know there are a ton of apps and features that I could be using! Tell me your favorites! I plan to attend a few Verizon Wireless Workshops to learn even more about what my phone can do, workshops are free for everyone so check them out!

home screen galaxy s3

What do you think of my cute Ginger dog home page wallpaper :)

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Disclosure: I am participating in the Verizon Wireless Midwest Savvy Moms program and have been provided with a wireless device and six months of service in exchange for my honest opinion about the product.
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  1. 1

    I have an Iphone. I love the Lose It app for my calorie counting & exercise information, Pandora for music, and I just fell in love with Daily Workouts.

    I am gonna have to try the TuneIn app. Looks like it would be perfect for the gym TV’s!

  2. 3

    Great list! I still haven’t added the Google+ app to my Windows phone. Thanks for the reminder!! :)

  3. 4

    Love your list! I cannot live without radio apps.


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