Wordless Wednesday – Mustached tween #ww

My daughter is going through a mustache phase. Everything is all about the mustache.

Pie with mustache Instagram

galaxy S3 S voice

Talking to your phone can be interesting.

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  1. She’s so fun and playful!

  2. That’s a great mustache! I have a few Tillamook Cheese ‘staches!

  3. She has such a fun personality! :)

  4. lol She should try out Sawyer’s binky! It has a mustache on it

  5. aww yes, my tween is into the mustaches still too!!

  6. Love the ‘stache!

  7. Very awesome ‘stache.

  8. That is too fun! I want one…

  9. LOL!! How fun!!

  10. Mustachio! Your daughter is funny.

  11. My daughter likes them too! I need to get her one!

  12. She sounds like fun. Friends must love hanging out with her.

  13. Carolyn G says

    Love the mustache

  14. I think it’s cute.

  15. There is something about mustaches lately. I don’t get it.

  16. Kids are so much fun!

  17. she is a trip.

  18. Too funny!

  19. Nice ‘Stash! :)

  20. that’s a HUGE mustache!

  21. Okay, that’s a new phase on me! Maybe she’s getting ready for Halloween???? Kids are so funny sometimes.

  22. Haha, that’s hilarious! :)

  23. What is with the mustaches lately? She doesn’t seem to be the only one on that kick. Guess I am not in the loop.

  24. That is too funny!

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