The chicks are finally old enough to free range!

A couple of days ago I let the “chicks” out to free range for the first time. They moved from the brooding pen to the growing up pen over two months ago. They were ready to get out and explore the backyard! When I opened the gate, they timidly stepped forward, then led by their now smaller-than-them mamma, Tweet, they crowded the opening and peered into the great beyond.

Then it was a free for all. Two ran this way, one ran that way, another shyly stood in front of the pen and blinked, looking around in stunned silence. Then a small call from Tweet sent them all racing across the grass to see what she had found for them.

chicks exploring the yard 2012 Collage

Watching these feathered friends grow from a soft ball of fluff to these curious and comical birds is so much fun. I love when they race after each other, wings flapping as if they will take off at any second. 

I love when one finds a tasty morsel of grasshopper or mosquito that they try to hide from their fellow foul and then end up chasing each other in long lines across the yard, under the trampoline and between the tractor tires.

The chicks are growing up!

It will be another month or so before I allow the older flock to mingle with these little ones. I hope they will live happily together when I do!

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  1. 1

    Aww! :) Your chickens are so cute. I have an aunt that raises chickens, also.

  2. 2

    That’s awesome! I’m sure they enjoy all of the extra space!

  3. 3

    They are so cute!!

  4. 4

    chickens are hysterical aren’t they? We had fun watching a bunch at a local farm/park thingy this past weekend. I’m jealous you have that kind of entertainment every day!

  5. 6

    They are so adorable. You should share a video, I’d love to see how they interact.

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