{almost} Wordless Wednesday – Blogging Friends! #ww

And now my hubby has to believe me – the people in the computer are REAL! :)

Last Saturday I had the opportunity to meet Nichol from Kiddies Corner Deals, one of my favorite blogging friends! We both happened to be at The Lake Erie Speedway to watch Monster Jam, it was awesome to run into each other! I’ve been following her blog for a long time and I love all of the great kid’s deals and reviews that she posts — Check her blog out!

It was so much fun meeting you Nichol! {even if I was a blabbing dork!}

meeting blog friends
Monster Jam - Lake Erie Speedway  My beautiful daughter

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  1. 1

    Nichol is so sweet! So glad you had the opportunity to meet her. Jealous of the fact that you guys got to see Monster Jam! Graham would LOVE that!

  2. 3

    Monster Jam is always a great time. My husband usually does Tough Trucks in the Monster Jam where I live every year so I get a pit pass and get to see the trucks up close and personal. This year he had to DJ at a wedding reception though. It’s cool that you got to meet Nichol. She seems super nice online.

    • 4

      It was our first Monster Jam and it was great! Nichol is so nice! I was nervous to meet her but felt at ease as soon as we smiled at each other and started talking away! So fun!

  3. 5

    So awesome that you got to meet up!

  4. 6

    How fun! I love meeting my blogging buddies!

  5. 7

    It was so awesome meeting you Henrietta, and you are not a dork. I felt like one though hehe. Hope we get to meet up more!

  6. 9

    That is so cool you ladies ran into each other.

  7. 10

    So great that you got to meet, and at Monster Jam no less. How cool!

  8. 11

    That’s awesome. My daughter keeps asking us to take her to a Monster Truck show, but we always have plans when they are in town.

  9. 12

    That is so awesome. Must say, jealous, I want to meet both of you! Love the comment of my computer friends are REAL! haha! U r too funny :-) but makes sense, many do not understand we are all real friends even if never met in real life ;-)

  10. 15

    Monster Jams are fun!

  11. 16

    How awesome! I love getting to meet my blog friends!

  12. 17
    Carolyn G says

    What a great photo! So glad you guys met!

  13. 18

    Aw, that is so fun that ya’ll were able to meet up! I love meeting blogging friend in real life – it’s like an instant friend!

  14. 19

    That is AWESOME! I love meeting online friends IRL – I’ve some fantastic experiences :)

  15. 20

    I adore Nichol!!!! I love meeting blog friends IRL too!

  16. 22

    How fun! I love meeting other bloggers – especially the ones I read before I started blogging!! (It’s like meeting a celebrity, I’d imagine!)

  17. 23

    That’s awesome you girls go to meet up like that.

  18. 24

    What fun! I can’t wait to meet some bloggers … one day for sure!

  19. 25

    LOL Yay, computer friends come to life. Neat, isn’t it?

  20. 26

    It’s so great when you get to meet your blog friends in real life.

  21. 27

    So nice that you got to meet.

  22. 28

    I love meeting my “friends” in real life!

  23. 29

    I am sure my son would love to go to that!
    Glad you got to meet one of your blogging friends!

  24. 30

    I love meeting other bloggers IRL! What a great coincidence and it looks like a load of fun for the family at the event :)

  25. 31

    you guys are so cute! How fun!

  26. 32

    So fun that you got to meet in person. I love getting to meet bloggers in person. I have made some really great friends blogging. I would say you and Nichol are in my top 10 bloggers I’d love to meet in person list :)

  27. 35

    Aww how fun! You both look great!

  28. 36

    How fun is that!!!

  29. 37

    So fun, it is great you got a chance to meet.

  30. 38
    Juanita A. Leech says

    It’s a great opportunity to meet her in person that is really fun .How i wish i can meet also a blogger in person your bless.I am happy for you .

  31. 39

    How fun to see each other and you both looks fabulous!

  32. 40

    How fun! You ladies are beautiful!

  33. 41

    It looks like fun! I am glad you two got to meet up!

  34. 42

    Hanging out with blog friends is so fun! You get to speak that secret language that not one else gets, lol!

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