Is your home’s air quality making you sick?

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When you are in your own home, you believe that you and your family are safe. However, this isn’t always the case! Many homes are harboring the perfect environment for molds, dust mites, odors and pollutants to thrive in.

Homes with basements and crawlspaces that are damp and without proper ventilation can pose a risk for making you and your family sick! Everything that is problematic in your lower level will eventually filter its way into your living area and possibly affect your family’s health. Some symptoms of poor indoor air quality that you might face are asthma, headaches, tiredness, difficulty concentrating and even severe respiratory problems — having air quality problems in your home can also lead to structural damage such as rotting wood and insect infestation… yuck!

Many people turn to units like a dehumidifier to try and dry out their basement or crawlspace. Besides being costly to run, dehumidifiers can also be inconvenient since you need to continuously check up on them to empty out the water that collects beneath them. Plus, have you ever noticed how loud a dehumidifier can be? They may do a decent job at drying out the surrounding area but they have no ventilation to rid your home of the toxins and stale air.

One way to eliminate these pollutants, without the hassles and expense of a dehumidifier, so that you can create a fresh and safe home environment, is to install Wave Home Solutions products. There are several options when you are thinking about installing Wave in your home, whether you have a basement, crawlspace or even an apartment that has moisture and ventilation problems.

Living in a manufactured home, we do not have a basement but we do have moisture and odor problems that come from the area underneath our home, as well as the water bladder that is in one of our closets. The air quality in our home is not good and since we are also renters, it is not a problem that we can take care of on our own.  I am interested to see that there is a Wave Home Solution that could be right for us and our landlord.

The WAVE Ventilation apartment/slab/condo unit is a smaller unit that is designed for homes with no basements, apartments and codos. It can ventilate and clean up to 2,000 square feet of indoor space by utilizing a six inch wall vent and using a small amount of electricity. With the maintenance-free ventilation unit we could have safe, clean air in our home for $3.00 or less per month! I can’t help but wonder how good our home would smell if we were able to rid it of the moisture that causes the less than pleasant odors!

Do you have a properly ventilated home? If not, then you may want to check out Wave Home Solutions!

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    It’s smart to understand how many square feet can be ventilated by a given product, so thank you for including that detail while describing this product. Your list of health conditions that can result from poor indoor air quality is a nice one as well.

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