$25 Amazon.com gift card #giveaway just because it’s my birthday!

May giveaway

May has always been my favorite month! Mostly because I love the spring weather ☼ and I love it when the green leaves seem to just POP ☁ out overnight after we have a few good downpours! The birds are chirping like crazy, the bullfrogs are incredibly loud in the evening and oh…

 ♕ It’s My Birthday Month! Woot! ♕

So to celebrate turning 28 on the 26th… again …I thought a little reader appreciation giveaway was in order!

Who am I kidding, I haven’t seen 28 in YEARS – ugh! Oh well, you still deserve this ❥ plus, I want to try out this new giveaway program, just for fun! So that was a big fat epic FAIL! I’m sticking with Rafflecopter. I hate the other one so much that I couldn’t even keep it up to finish out this giveaway! If you went through the trouble of entering when the other one was in this post, you should be receiving an email with a special bonus word to gain some extra entries on the Rafflecopter widget below – yay! So sorry about the other one and thank you for all of the great feedback!

❥ Win a gift card!

Thanks to ME one lucky readers will win a $25.00 Amazon.com gift card. WooHoo! You can buy yourself {or someone else} a little something special!

Entry is super easy {I hope!} using the handy dandy Rafflecopter form below. Giveaway is open to U.S. & Canada ages 18+ only {a Canadian winner will receive $25 Amazon.ca instead} and will end on June 8th 2012 at 12:01am est. Winner will have 48 hours to reply to notification email before I draw a new name.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

 Good Luck!

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  1. 1
    Sarah Lehan says

    I’m a twitter follower, but the form won’t take it.
    Twitter follow you: slehan

    Thanks for the contest.

  2. 2
    Sarah Lehan says

    And the request to leave a comment went by so fast I couldn’t read what you wanted me to say here.

    (not a fan of punch tab – like rafflecopter much better)

    • 3

      I’m so sorry about that! On the back end, it looks like your entry went through. I’m thinking I’m going to stick with Rafflecopter after this since so many people are having trouble with PunchTab. Thanks for testing it out for me!

  3. 4
    Wanda McHenry says

    The best birthday present was my dog, Folly! I love her so much!

  4. 6
    stacey dempsey says

    you have to unfollow and refollow on twitter to get it to accept the entry? but it works if you do that

    my best birthday present was when i turned 30 i was in the hospital and had just had my son

  5. 8
    Luciano Terrence says

    Congratulations for your birthday. Also thank you for sharing this amazing news of $25 Amazon.com gift card. I want to win this gift card.

  6. 9

    I can’t get the form to work, but it’s okay, I still wanted to wish you happy birthday. :)

  7. 10
    Lorna England says

    16th b.day! My parents got me a pretty birthstone ring!

  8. 11
    Lorna England says

    (first entry, I had to unfollow you on twitter, then re-follow for the form to open) :( Hopefully they can work out the bugs.

  9. 12
    Mary Happymommy says

    My best birthday present was a trip to Vermont when I was 21.

  10. 13
    susan hartman says

    My daughter took me to NYC – Pearl Jam concert!

  11. 14
    susan hartman says

    Have a Happy Birthday! Enjoy!

  12. 15

    a shopping trip with my mom was the best birthday gift

  13. 16

    my daughter was born two days before my birthday ’07

  14. 17
    Tamara B. says

    Happy Birthday and wishing you a best day ever :)

  15. 18
    Amanda J says

    My hubby has treated me to some nice weekends away to celebrate our birthdays (2 weeks apart).

  16. 19

    Happy birthday!

  17. 20

    Happy Birthday! My best present was Nikon DSLR camera

  18. 21

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for the giveaway.

    twitter follower- form won’t take it- avonproducts4me


  19. 22

    My best present was my kitchenaid mixer

    whew….sure don’t like this punchtab thing.

  20. 23

    My Kindle Fire.

    Happy Birthday!

  21. 24
    Jennifer says

    Best present was a mom necklace with the boys’ birthstones

  22. 25
    Livivua Chandler says

    i received diamond earrings!

  23. 26

    My best birthday gift was a weekend getaway with my husband to Denali State Park.

  24. 27

    The best birthday present I ever received was a nice book and chocolate cake.

  25. 28
    Ashley C says

    Definitely a spa package this year for my 25th


  26. 29

    My now 6 year old daughter was born 3 days before my 33rd bday!

  27. 30
    colleen boudreau says

    My puppy.

  28. 31

    My son being born <3

  29. 32
    Holly Hennessy Swint says

    My best birthday present was a trip to Ireland from my hubby for my 40th birth year! I am a follower on twitter but the form is acting up (astroqueen67) Also how many entries are there total? I can’t seem to get more than 6.

  30. 33
    Shari Alligood says

    My best birthday present ever was a dining room set that all my friends pitched in to get me when I bought my first house.

  31. 34
    tina demarco says

    my nintendo wii i love that thing!

  32. 35

    best bday present was nintendo…the original-when I was 10!


  33. 36

    I got a new camera

  34. 37

    When I found out that I was pregnant with my daughter over 20 years ago.

  35. 38
    olivia rubin says

    just getting thru the day was a gift

  36. 39

    The best present I ever got was a car

  37. 40
    Meg Tucker says

    Best Birthday for me??? It will be the upcoming one on July,21st…That will mean I’ve made it one more year!

  38. 41
    Sarah Lehan says

    I read the comments and unfollowed & followed again on twitter and it took.

    My best birthday was on a cruise to Alaska.
    Happy Birthday to YOU!

  39. 42
    Sarah Lehan says

    Another problem with punchtab: it doesn’t remember me like rafflecopter does. Have to enter all my info again.

  40. 43
    meg tucker says

    My best birthday present will be the birthday I make it to this July…that means I made it another year!

  41. 44
    misskallie2000 says

    The night of my 21st birthday I went into labor and my daughter was born the following day. She is my lovely daughter who I love very much. A little spoiled but generous, loving and giving. She always has a smile and her eyes do sparkle like stars. She has so many friends that wherever she goes someone is always calling out “Hi Starr”.


  42. 45

    Hope you have a very happy birthday!

  43. 46
    olivia rubin says

    got thru the day and all was okay, thats a gift

  44. 47
    Sarah Lehan says

    A cruise to Alaska.
    Thanks for the contest.

    (thanks for going back to rafflecopter)

  45. 48

    Happy Birthday!


  46. 49

    GFC Follower.


  47. 50

    A kitchenaid mixer.

  48. 51

    A laptop. was my best birthday present.

    Happy Birthday!

  49. 52
    lisa brown says

    A pair of tiny diamond earrings for my 16th birthday.

  50. 53
    Lorna England says

    My most memorable gift was a birthstone ring for my Sweet 16!
    Happy Birthday to you!

  51. 54
    Margaret Smith says

    Happy Birthday!
    The best present I ever got was a homemade desk, that my husband made himself and surprised me with.

  52. 55

    I got a really nice camera once!

  53. 56
    Ann Fantom says

    A used car for my 20th birthday

  54. 57
    Kristy Thiel says

    my daughter! :) Thanks for hosting!

  55. 58

    my best present was my red bike!


  56. 59
    Jennifer says

    Best present was a necklace with my son’s birthstones on it

  57. 60

    My kindle fire.

    Happy Birhday!

  58. 61
    colleen boudreau says

    My puppy when I was younger.

  59. 62
    Cynthia C says

    My best gift was a trip.

  60. 63
    Monique Rizzo says

    A weekend trip to Disneyland with Hubby.
    Thanks for the chance.

  61. 64
    Susan Smith says

    A necklace my husband gave me

  62. 65
    Suzanne K says

    My best birthday present will be THIS summer when my parents have settled into a wonderful retirement community nearby with everything they’ll need for the rest of their days and my daughter heads off to college… the present? Time for ME!

  63. 66
    Tari Lawson says

    My best birthday present was my husband sending me on a trip to a spa with my best friend. It was awesome and totally a surprise.

  64. 67
    darlene bohannon says

    my best birthday present was a surprize party

  65. 68

    A Coach purse

  66. 69
    Katie Amanda says

    My best gift was a birthday/Christmas trip to London.

  67. 70
    B C EDWARDS says

    guess I’m still waiting for the best gift ever
    I did’nt have kids on my bday, and its dec 31 so generally you can’t get into a restaurant etc
    I can’t think of anything that made an impact on my life for bday presents (although I did spend one bday in Hawaii, but that was so very long ago, 33yrs LOL that I really don’t recall it)

  68. 71
    Kathleen Conner says

    My husband gave me a massage table and then a massage!

  69. 72
    John Billiris says

    My wife gave me a fishing trip one year.

  70. 73
    Les Johnson says

    My best birthday present was my Nikon D-40 camera from my husband.

  71. 74

    My Kitchenaid mixer

  72. 75

    Last year a group of friends took me out to eat. There were about 30 of them, and it was my largest party ever, even larger than when I was a child. So I would say that. As for an actual gift, probably my Cabbage Patch Kid when I was little

  73. 76
    Kyl Neusch says

    trip to europe

  74. 77
    Megan Earley says

    My best birthday present was tickets to Les Miz!

  75. 78

    VIP for Daughtry given to me by my hubby.

  76. 79
    Diane Redcay says

    A remote starter for my truck

  77. 80

    A new pair of Toms shoes.

  78. 81

    When I was seventeen, my mother gave me her old car, a toyota tercel wagon. It was amazing!

  79. 82
    Rise Isom says

    A purse full of change when I was youn

  80. 83
    Andrea Amy says

    last year my hubby got me a new Mac Desktop as an early bday/christmas gift

  81. 84
    Denise S says

    A fish aquarium.

  82. 85
    Cynthia R says

    my best birthday gift was a massage

  83. 86
    Daniel M says

    my sis got me a few blu-rays, they’ ain’t cheep!

  84. 87

    a beautiful diamond tennis bracelet from hubby

  85. 88
    Barbara Montag says

    A special ring from my sis – my favorite stone!
    Thank you.

    barbara dot montyj at gmail dot com

  86. 89

    best one was a TV for my bedroom when I was a teenager

  87. 90
    Jennifer T. says

    My best birthday present ever was a pair of birthstone earrings that my parents got me when I was a teenager.

  88. 91
    Andrea Anderson says

    My best birthday present was being sang to by my boyfriend :)

  89. 92

    My mortgage payment was paid by my sister.

  90. 93

    My best birthday present ever was my oldest daughter – even if I didn’t get it until 9 months later :)

    I hope you have a wonderful birthday!!!

  91. 94
    susan hartman says

    My daughter took me to see Pearl Jam. We had so much fun.

  92. 95
    Heather S says

    My best present was a digital camera

  93. 96

    A gorgeous jewelry box

  94. 97
    patricia skinner says

    The best birthday present was a love letter from my husband.

  95. 98

    I got a beautiful necklace from the hubby last year

  96. 99

    My best birthday present ever was an iPad

  97. 100
    Cynthia W says

    My best birthday present was a homemade card from my daughter.

  98. 101

    I got a “birthiversary” present this year since our anniversary is right before my birthday and it was an iPad! Best gift yet.

  99. 102
    Rosemary M. says

    My favourite was a pair of earrings from my mom, when I turned 18.

  100. 103

    My husband gave me my wonderful cat for my birthday years ago. Absolute best present ever!

  101. 104
    Sheila Foley says

    A kitten when I was 10. late Happy Birthday!!

  102. 105

    My best birthday present was a new computer

  103. 106
    Kathlean Owens says

    Best present? It’s a toss up between a Sea-Bay excursion my then husband took me on and a digital camera that I really love.

  104. 107
    Tom Shewbridge says

    Happy Birthday !!

    My best birthday gift would be finding out I was coming home from Desert Storm / Desert Shield. Took two months to get through the rotation, but found out on my birthday!!

  105. 108

    My best birthday gift was a computer. The rest is history.

  106. 110
    Selene M. says

    I don’t remember

  107. 111

    To be honest, I cannot remember any really special birthday gifts–our family was much more into Christmas giving. I suppose my best one was really a combination college graduation/birthday/Christmas gift from my brother–my good china set (which is still in use some 50+ years later).

  108. 112

    One of my ‘best’ birthday presents ever received was six years ago, when my youngest daughter was born on my 36th birthday!

  109. 113
    Theresa DeRosa says

    My best birthy present ever was a trip to Walt Disney World.

  110. 114

    My best b-day gift was an iPod

  111. 115
    Samantha says

    My boyfriend got me a water pillow which worked wonders on my neck pain. I still use it every night!

  112. 116

    My best birthday present was a dog.

  113. 117

    the thing that is most memorable to me now was a long distance phone call from a loved one

  114. 118

    An anchor necklace

  115. 119
    Debbie C says

    My best was a cruise vacation, years ago.

  116. 120
    Jennifer M says

    My best present was a good camera to take pictures of my kids.

  117. 121

    We closed on our first house 2 days before my birthday. That was the best present!!

  118. 122


  119. 123


  120. 124
    kim eddings says

    I’ve never really had a great birthday present. My grandmother made me a cake once, when the rest of my family forgot about my birthday.

  121. 125
    Tara Woods says

    My best present was a juice machine.

  122. 126
    Cheri Anne says

    A stand mixer!

  123. 127
    trisha mckee says

    Happy Birthday! And thank you!

  124. 128
    misty sunrise says

    a cute little butterfly candle holder from my daughter.

  125. 129
    Rebecca Peters says

    A coach purse!

  126. 130
    Laurie Emerson says

    My husband being home from Afghanistan to share it with me!

  127. 131
    Christine says

    a car

  128. 132
    sue14625 says

    best birthday present i was born on my grandmas BD

  129. 133
    Valerie Taylor Mabrey says

    a huge stuffed animal when I was young
    vmkids3 at msn dot com

  130. 134
    Colleen S says

    My friend made me a deep fried turkey in the middle of a blizzard.

  131. 135

    A Richard Petty Driving Experience gift card.

  132. 136
    Tim Stephens says

    I asked my wife to marry me on my birthday… she said yes… best present ever

  133. 138
    Storm, the Psychotic Housewife says

    Happy Birthday! My best birthday present was a plane ticket so I could travel.

  134. 139

    My best birthday present was a pair of earrings


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