Eggs-pect the Best – brunch with Eggland’s Best! #EBbrunch

You may have noticed that I like eggs, after all — we do have a backyard full of chickens! Yes, we do still buy eggs on occasion! Whether our girls are on a molting strike, or I just need a few extra eggs in the fridge, I want the store eggs that I do buy to be the best. that’s where Eggland’s Best Eggs come in.

Eggland’s best Eggs are a smart choice when you’re at the grocery store. The red stamp on the top of the EB eggs signifies that you’re buying a fresher, more nutritious egg that has 10x more vitamin E, nearly 3x times more vitamin D, and double the amount of omega -3s when compared to generic eggs! I can honestly say that EB eggs DO taste fresher than other generic eggs that I have bought.

Plus, they’re just prettier :). 

eggland's best eggs

When Eggland’s Best contacted me to host an Eggs-spect the Best brunch to celebrate National Egg Month this May — I couldn’t say no. Bring on the eggs! Since May is also the month in which we celebrate Mother’s, I thought it would be a great idea to combine the two {after all, eggs are where we came from too!} and throw a Mother’s Day Egg Brunch!

I sent out invitations to my Mom and 2nd-Dad, my step-sis and her hubby and kids, my cousin and her hubby and my aunt and uncle. Everyone was able to make it except my cousin. Counting our family, I had to plan to feed eleven hungry people. I quickly got to work on planning my menu.

Eggland’s Best Eggs come in all sorts of sizes and varieties! I was pretty pleased that our store carried several for us to try. I brought home 2 dozen brown Cage Free eggs, a dozen brown Organic eggs and a dozen Classic white Grade A Large eggs to use for my Mother’s Day Brunch — I had eggs everywhere!

Knowing I would have that crowd to feed, I browsed through the recipes on EB’s website. This Eggland’s Best Italian Meatloaf {which I’ve dubbed as the “Egg-in-a-hole Meatloaf”} was the perfect way to start out my menu! Sliced cold meatloaf is a favorite of mine and I knew everyone would love the hard boiled eggs in the center. I followed the recipe as written only I doubled it and used one less egg in the meat mixture — it turned out perfectly and was even wonderful chopped up on salad the next day!

egg in a hole meatloaf using Eggland's Best

Next, I knew that I wanted to make some kind of frittata or strata as the main dish – what better way to showcase the all natural Eggland’s best Eggs! After searching through many recipes and not finding one that I really wanted to make, I combined a few different ones and came up with my own Spring Brunch Strata with ham, potatoes and cheese {such a creative name, I know}.

My Strata turned out to be a real crowd-pleasing casserole and I cannot wait to experiment with different meats, cheeses and veggies in the future! I’m thinking roasted turkey breast, asparagus and Gruyere cheese for my next try, yum!

Alongside the meatloaf and strata, I also served a mixed greens and baby spinach salad with balsamic vinaigrette {plus ranch for less daring souls}. For a beverage, I offered orange juice and wild berry smoothies with fresh blueberries.

brunch strata using Eggland's Best Eggs

Then, it was time for my very favorite part of the meal – DESSERT! How anyone can think of an egg dessert without cream puffs coming to their mind is beyond me.

MMMmmmm! Cream Puffs are da bomb peeps!

It had been so long since I made homemade cream puffs but I am so glad that I did – they were delicious. The sad thing is that I think I must have eaten half a dozen cream puffs throughout the day — ugh! They are too dangerous to make very often. I’ll be sharing the recipe for Cream Puffs {with White Chocolate Whipped Cream} later this week so come back to check it out!

Cream Puffs using Eggland's Best

Happily, my Mother’s Day Eggs-pect the Best brunch was a huge success and there were hardly any leftovers at all. The goody bags I made up for my guests were a hit – I just added a pretty kitchen towel, wooden spoons, magnetic clips and free Eggland’s Best coupons to a large 2-cup measure and tied it all up with a pretty ribbon and tulle. They were really cute! I think we need to have brunch together more often!

Eggland's Best your best recipe contest

Here’s some exciting news! Eggland’s Best wants you to enter its first-ever Eggland’s Best “Your Best Recipe” Contest

To enter, visit Eggland’s Best on Facebook from May 7th – August 12th 2012 and submit your best recipe using at least 2 Eggland’s Best eggs! You may enter up to two recipes in each of the four different categories {8 entries total}: Breakfast, Appetizer, Main Dish or Dessert. 

One Grand Prize Winner will receive a $10,000 prize and one recipe from each category will win a $1,000 prize! Get those cooking hats on and start creating Your Best Recipe!

Win an Eggs-pect the Best prize pack!

Thanks to Eggland’s Best, one lucky reader will win the same Eggland’s Best “Egg-ceptional Brunch Box” that I received!

In your brunch kit, you’ll find 2 Free EB Dozen coupons (Any variety- classic, cage-free, or organic), 1 Free EB Hard Cooked and Peeled variety coupon, 1 EB Apron, 1 EB Spatula, 1 EB Whisk, 1 EB Cutting Board, 1 EB Mixing Bowl, 1 EB Bowl Scraper, 1 EB Coffee Mug, 1 Plush Egg and 1 EB Tote Bag. {hey! I just realized I didn’t get a plush egg in my kit.. grumble grumble! lol!}

Entry is super easy using the Rafflecopter form below. Just complete the first mandatory entry to open up a bunch of optional extra entries! Giveaway is open to U.S. ages 18+ only and will end on June 1st 2012 at 12:01am est. Please read the official rules at the bottom of the Rafflecopter form.

EBbrunch prize pack

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Product information, VIP coupons, promotional item, giveaway prize pack were provided by Eggland’s Best, all thoughts and opinions are genuine and 100% my own.
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  1. 1

    in omelets.

  2. 2

    i love eb eggs. its my fave. and now i’m going to enter the contest! we love strata. i’d like your recipe if you can share it :o) my great aunt used to make strata when i’d go over for lunch.

  3. 4

    Oh man, it’s so hard to pick! I love fried egg on toast, hardboiled eggs, eggs in casseroles, eggs in baked goods….eggs in everything really. :D Thank you for the great giveaway!

  4. 5

    In potato salad

  5. 6

    I like eggs sunny side up

    Thank you for hosting this giveaway

    pumuckler {at} gmail {dot} com

  6. 7

    I like a western omlet

  7. 8
    Ashley Hatten says

    I love quiche!! Thank you!

  8. 9
    Troy Breiland says

    I nice omelet with feta cheese and spinach

  9. 10
    Wanda McHenry says

    I love a soft boiled egg on a piece of buttered toast with a side of bacon and hashbrowns!

  10. 11
    debbie jackson says

    my fave is a good denver omelet with whole wheat toast

  11. 12

    All of that looks really good, but I am a simpler egg eater I suppose. Give me a nice plate of scrambled eggs or an omelet and I’m good to go. What are your fave omelet fillers?

  12. 13
    Marilyn Wons says

    My favorite egg dish is poached eggs!

  13. 14

    I like a veggie and sausage omlette

  14. 15
    Kathlyne says

    I like my eggs scrambled with some cheese.

  15. 16

    I love poached eggs benedict with polenta and chorizo!

  16. 17

    I love deviled eggs.

  17. 18
    Jessie C. says

    I like scrambled eggs with bacon

  18. 19
    kristen m says

    I LOVE eggs so many ways, but my absolute favorite is a simple egg over easy on a piece of wheat toast

  19. 20

    I love a good old fashioned Ham and Cheese omlet

  20. 21
    EMMA L HORTON says


  21. 22

    next best thing to fresh laid eggs

  22. 23
    Margaret Smith says

    Those cream puffs look do delicious. My mouth is watering.
    I really love scrambled eggs. Though, I enjoy eggs cooked mostly everyway.
    Thanks so much.

  23. 24

    Like to try their eggs sometime..

  24. 25

    I like scrambled eggs and bacon with whole wheat toast.

  25. 26
    Joanne R. says

    I love all kinds of eggs, but right now I’m liking deviled eggs.

  26. 27
    ELIZABETH C. says


  27. 28
    Deborah Wallin says

    I love omelettes

  28. 29

    Eggs Benedict!

  29. 30
    Ken Robinson says

    My favorite is my morning eggs, sausage and cheese hash. Please accept my entry. Thank you.

  30. 31

    I love Omelets!!

  31. 32
    Kelly Nicholson says

    Leave a comment on this post telling me what your favorite egg dish is! There are so many ways to enjoy eggs!

    scrambled with bacon

  32. 33
    alicia wallace says

    scrambed with cheese

  33. 34

    I like them in spinach, ham and swiss quiche.

  34. 35

    I don’t think I have ever bought Egglands eggs because I have never seen eggs with that cool little stamp on them.

  35. 36
    Tamara B. says

    Love egg salad

  36. 37

    I love egg salad

  37. 38
    Elizabeth says

    I really love toad in the hole…which is a fried egg that has been cooked in bread with a hole cut in it

  38. 39
    crystle tellerday says

    scrambled eggs and cheese

  39. 40
    Susan Smith says

    Ham and cheese omelette

  40. 41

    I love eggs benedict.

  41. 42

    Good old scrambled eggs with salt and pepper is my go-to egg dish.

  42. 43
    Sue Ellison says

    I love Deviled Eggs!

  43. 44
    Cynthia C says

    I love a good quiche.

  44. 45
    elven johnson says

    Hard boiled with mayo on whole wheat.

  45. 46
    Christine says

    eggs benedict

  46. 47
    gloria j says

    egg benedicts…yumm
    gloria j

  47. 48
    Sheila K. says

    I like veggie omelettes!

  48. 49
    Denise B. says

    I like loaded omelets with sausage, bacon, onions, green peppers, and several cheeses.

  49. 50
    Meaghan F. says

    I like them sunny side up with some toast!

  50. 51
    Monique Rizzo says

    I like Quiche.
    Thanks for the chance.

  51. 52
    melina r says

    I just enjoy eggs over easy

  52. 53

    I enjoy ham and cheese omelets

  53. 54
    Katherine Short says

    I make the most excellent italian meringue buttercream frosting!

  54. 55


  55. 56
    Julie B. says

    I like vegetarian eggs benedict

  56. 57
    Cindy Merrill says

    Scrambled eggs with bacon!

  57. 58

    Scrambled with cheese!

  58. 59
    Kristy Thiel says

    my favorite is quiche. Thanks for hosting!

  59. 60
    Lane Mahnke says

    I love my Spinach and Mushroom Quiche!

  60. 61

    fried eggs on rice

  61. 62

    Our favorite is omelets.

  62. 63
    Sheryl Granholm says

    I could eat a whole plate of deviled eggs! My favorite! :D

  63. 64

    I like my eggs in omelet form, but I also will never turn down an egg burrito.

  64. 65

    I like deviled eggs or maybe an egg salad sandwich

  65. 66
    amy tolley says

    good old bacon and eggs over biscuits and gravy thanks for this giveaway these eggs are the bomb!!!!!!

  66. 67
    Brn2lisn says

    There are so many that I enjoy – besides cream puffs the very first thought is Egg Custard

  67. 68

    I love egg salad.

  68. 69

    i just love eggs sunny side up

  69. 70

    My BFF’s mom’s deviled eggs.

    Thanks for the giveaway >^..^<

  70. 71
    Pauline M says

    My favorite way to have eggs is with eggs benedict! I love the sauce and I’ve been craving it lately!

  71. 72
    susan hartman says

    I love Eggs Benedict.

  72. 73
    Kathleen Conner says

    I love omelets, any kind.

  73. 74
    Kyl Neusch says

    in potato salad

  74. 75

    i love devilled eggs

    trippyjanet at gmail dot com

  75. 76
    John Billiris says

    My favorite is my wife’s spinach quiche

  76. 77
    Annie Adams says

    love egg pizza – crust made with egg and cheese!

  77. 78
    Terri Menke says

    Sunny side up

  78. 79

    on my burgers


  79. 80
    david basile says

    scrambled with american cheese

  80. 81
    Les Johnson says

    We love egg salad sandwiches at my house.

  81. 82

    I love pickled eggs

  82. 83
    Megan Earley says

    My favorite egg dish is quiche.

  83. 84
    Natalie J Vandenberghe says

    I like Eggs Benedict! Thanks for the giveaway!

  84. 85
    Valerie Taylor Mabrey says

    love deviled eggs
    vmkids3 at msn dot com

  85. 86
    Sheila K. says

    I love veggie omelettes!

  86. 87

    I love omelets!

  87. 88

    I love omelets, but my favorite is the ham omlets

  88. 89
    Suzanne B. says

    I love scrambling eggs with hot sauce and rolling them up in a tortilla.

  89. 90
    Michelle says

    Potato Salad. Thanks for the contest.

  90. 91
    spirit_kim says

    I love Eggs Benedict and for dessert Creme Brulee.

  91. 92
    s riches says

    I like a good western omelette.

  92. 93
    Annette D says

    I enjoy my eggs scrambled with hot sauce.

  93. 94

    I like them sunny side up.

  94. 95
    Ronda Patrick says

    I love them Sunny Side Up!

  95. 96

    I like omelets.

  96. 97

    I like them poached!

  97. 98

    Spinach and vegetable Quiche

  98. 99
    Mary Casper says

    I love eggs over easy

  99. 100
    Denise C says

    I like my eggs scrambled with cheese and hominy. Yum!

  100. 101
    Denise M says

    i love fritattas

  101. 102

    scrambled eggs

  102. 103

    I like them in potato salad

  103. 104

    love egg salad sandwiches and also deviled eggs

  104. 105
    Virginia Rowell says

    a big bacon and cheddar cheese omelet with green pepper, tomato, and onion!

  105. 106
    dale micheal grim says

    fried egg sandwhich is my favorite

  106. 107
    Angela W says

    Eggs Benedict

  107. 108


  108. 109

    I like poached eggs

  109. 110

    I love quiche. My favorite quiche is spinach with sauteed garlic scapes and Gruyere cheese.

  110. 111

    My favorite is eggs benedict!

  111. 112

    I like veggie fritattas

  112. 113

    I like eggs in my Aunt Hazel’s Bean Salad.

  113. 114
    Lesley F says

    Scrambled with bits of real bacon added

  114. 115
    Kathlean Owens says

    I make casseroles that require eggs. “Aunt Alleys’ Casserole” is our personal favorite with frozen Broccoli, Cauliflower, carrots, cooked cubed chicken, 1 cup of mayo, 2 beaten eggs, 1/2 cup Parmesan cheese. (I don’t add salt to anything, but if you wanted to, add some garlic salt). Top with crushed potato chips and back for 45 minutes @ 350 degrees

  115. 116
    Holly hook says

    I LOVE quiche!

  116. 117

    I love a good ham and cheese omelet

  117. 118

    Scrambled with cheese!

  118. 119
    Freedom Steele says

    over easy on a cheese toast sandwich.

  119. 120
    christie kammerer says

    I would have to say juevos rancheros is my absolute favorite.

  120. 121

    Scrambled eggs with some bacon, yum :)

  121. 122
    Kendra W says

    I love deviled eggs and egg salad. :)

  122. 123
    Erica C. says

    I like scrambled eggs and omelets.

  123. 124
    Laura Jacobson says

    I love chicken fried rice with scrambled eggs in it. :)

  124. 125

    My favorite is scrambled eggs mixed with hash browns and bacon pieces. Thanks.

  125. 126
    Jennifer says

    I love eggs sunny side up!

  126. 127
    Teresa Hoyt says

    Egg salad sandwiches are my favorite!

  127. 128

    I love a good ham and cheese omelet

  128. 129

    Great Gift

  129. 130

    taco shells and eggs. I love scrambling eggs up with some taco shells. sweepmorey at gmail dot com

  130. 131
    Jovan B. says

    Scrambled eggs with mushrooms mixed in.

  131. 132
    Ed Nemmers says

    Mom’s Sweet Vidalia Onion Pie! ( It’s like a quiche! )

  132. 133
    Paula Tavernie says

    I love Egg Salad Sandwiches!
    ptavernie at yahoo dot com

  133. 134
    Nicole C. says

    My favorite is fried egg sandwiches.

  134. 135
    Theresa H says

    love deviled eggs!!

  135. 136
    Michelle S says

    Egg….salad sandwich.

  136. 137

    It’s a tie between egg salad and deviled eggs. Close second is a coconut egg custard pie that my mother-in-law loved so much that she ate it for breakfast (rest her soul).

  137. 138
    Angela Cisco says

    I love deviled eggs

  138. 139
    jessica schueler says

    Omg…hum well I like making steakum and egg sandwich but that is only one out of a million ways

  139. 140
    Laurie Emerson says

    I love making poached eggs although sometimes they end up being more scrambled than poached.
    lauraemerson17 at yahoo dot com

  140. 141

    Deviled Eggs are probably my favorites. They’re my husband’s specialty – one of the few things he’ll admit he can cook :)

  141. 142

    My favorite eggs dish are breakfast burritos with lots of cheese and salsa!

  142. 143
    tallcapp says

    My favorite is scrambled in a spicy breakfast burrito.

  143. 144
    mary gardner says

    quiche or egg custard

    marygardner49 at aol dot com

  144. 145

    My favorite is scrambled eggs.

  145. 146
    Kristy Bodle says

    I like my husbands omelets he makes.

  146. 147

    Deviled eggs.

  147. 148
    Ambrielle B. says

    I will ONLY buy Egglands best! My favorite egg dish is a skillet casserole with eggs, hashbrowns, cheese, veggies and sausage

  148. 149
    Patricia Huffman says

    try to always get them when they are on sale better for my health

  149. 150
    Eileen Burke says

    Eggs Benedict is my fave!

  150. 151
    Claire McKeon says

    I LOVE Eggs Benedict!

    mosaic317 at gmail dot com

  151. 152
    melanie montgomery says

    This week Im making asparagus and fried egg sandwich.

  152. 153
    Kellie Conklin says

    I’m a huge fan of ham and cheese omelets! yum, thanks for the giveaway!

  153. 154

    My favorite egg dish is a grilled egg and cheese sandwich with mayo.

  154. 155
    Ann Council says

    I like hArd boiled eggs.

  155. 156
    Brenda Elsner says

    Omlettes are my favorite!

  156. 157

    I love egg sandwiches.

  157. 158
    ewhatley says

    No way could I pick a fave egg dish – I love them all. And Eggland’s really ARE the best eggs. By the way, your strata looks yummy.

  158. 159
    a marie hj saver says

    can’t beat a good cheese omlette!

    a marie hj saver

  159. 160
    shirley zolenski says

    I like them sunny side up with toast to dip.

  160. 161

    Spinach and swiss quiche.

  161. 162

    I love scrambled eggs in my fried rice

  162. 163

    I like deviled eggs

  163. 164

    My favorite is omelettes

  164. 165

    mmmm yum! my favorite isss salmon egg benedict!!!!

  165. 166
    Leah Nealon says

    I love to make hard boiled eggs for quick protein snacks


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