I took the BISSELL White Sock Test! Lift Off Deep Cleaner #review

bissell white sock test campaignWhen BISSELL recently invited me to participate in the 2012 White Sock Challenge, I was scared to say yes — our carpets are gross. We live on a dirt road. We have two kids running in and out {while forgetting to take their shoes off at the door}, a dog, a messy bird and lots and lots of dust. In spite of all that, I said yes! 

The challenge was to walk around on my carpets wearing a pair of bright white socks. Then use the BISSELL Lift Off Deep Cleaner to clean it and try the sock test again. I wasn’t sure what to expect and am happy to say that I am really surprised by the results.

The Features

Bissell Lift-Off Deep Cleaner

The BISSELL Lift-Off Deep Cleaner is 2 machines in 1! This upright steam cleaner will give your carpet a deep-down clean plus it has removable spot cleaner!

  • Portable spot cleaner cleans stairs, car interiors and more
  • Surround Suction® for edge-to-edge cleaning
  • Built-in hot water heater for maximum cleaning
  • Includes stain tool for hard-to-reach areas
  • 12 cleaning rows on 2X DirtLifter® Powerbrushes
  • Sprays, scrubs and suction cleans carpet
I really like everything about this carpet cleaner! The whole thing comes in just two main pieces and was very easy to put together with 4 screws {2 screw holes are UNDER the carry handle!}. It’s the perfect size to get around the tight corners in our small home, the on/off switch, on-board tools, and lift off lever are all in super convenient places on the machine and the water really gets HOT! 
My favorite thing about the LODC? It works!

The Results

white sock test results

I knew it — my floors were yuck! Check out how dirty those socks were after I took the white sock test! {Check out my White Sock Test YouTube video!}

My carpets look great and the machine removed all three of the big old stains that I’ve been covering up with an area rug — I am thrilled! Also, this is disgusting but it de-haired my carpet. Our dog, Ginger, sheds like crazy and apparently the vacuum cleaner hasn’t been getting all of the hair picked up. The LODC kept picking up big clumps of hair and I had a nasty little pile of dog hair by the time I was done cleaning the living room carpet! I know, gross but it made me happy! It really is true that “vacuuming alone leaves dirt hiding in the carpet!” 
I had to refill the water reservoir 5 times to do our living room and the area of floor that I could see in the bedrooms {I’ll do the rest after the kids pick up their rooms}. That wasn’t too bad considering the reservoir is smaller to keep the spot cleaner lightweight and portable. I really liked that the dirty water tank didn’t need emptied until I was ready to fill the reservoir back up! 

Bissell LODC White Sock Test

Also, the portable spot cleaner is awesome! Chris has already mentioned that he’ll be using it to clean the seats in his truck! I have plans to use it in my car and maybe even the camper, to freshen things up a bit! The 2X Professional Deep Cleaning solution that came with the LODC is amazing! My home smells fresh and clean and the carpet just FEELS clean for once.


Take the Challenge and Win Big!

White Sock Test

Want a chance to win a $15,000 home makeover? I do, I do! All you have to do is visit BISSELL’s White Sock Test contest page on Facebook and upload a photos of your white socks test results. You can visit the page daily through June 10th for a chance to instantly win a BISSELL cleaning product or a $25 Visa gift card.

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Sponsored Post: Product information, complimentary review product and promotional item were provided by Bissell to thank me for taking the time to participate. All thoughts and opinions are genuine and 100% my own.
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  1. 1

    Wow, that’s a big difference on the socks. We only have carpet in one room of the house, Jake’s room upstairs and no animals are allowed in there. That being said, he’s a teenager and even though the carpet is brand new, it’s still icky. I would love to try this on my furniture though. Ginger is adorable!

  2. 3

    isn’t it amazing what a good product can do? i love bissell!!

  3. 4

    Man, that’s awesome! My grandma has white carpeting and last week she and my aunt were on their hands and knees with a towel scrubbing it. I wish she’d had this to use!

  4. 5

    I have that exact machine and I LOVE it!

  5. 6

    I definitely need a Bissell. With three kids and a dog, I’m scared to see what my socks would look like.

  6. 7

    That’s amazing! We used to have a deep cleaner for our carpet, but it is long gone and I need another one. Thanks for this review. You’ve got me thinking…

    • 8

      I didn’t mention it in the post but I actually have another older Bissell. I hardly ever use it because it’s large and a pain to lug around and the hose and attachments are always falling off of the base while I try to use it — just not fun. This Lift-Off cleaner has none of those problems, I really think it’s a great little machine and really versatile!

  7. 9

    that little machine looks amazing. I love the white sock test how fun I wouldn’t try it with my machine that’s for sure

  8. 10

    White sock hard floor test….any recommendations?

  9. 11

    Wow, your floors looks amazing. We have an older Bissell and love it. Isn’t it disgusting the water? It amazes me everytime I do the carpets!

  10. 12

    That’s awesome! I have the Bissell Spot Bot and I love it! It’s just got the spot cleaning features, but a full-on floor cleaner would be phenomenal.

  11. 13

    Sounds like a must have for me with 5 cats and 2 dogs

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