Spring lawn care made easy with Scotts® Snap® Spreader System

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The winter weather and the pets have really started to take a toll on our lawn. I’ve never paid much attention to it before, you would think since we live in the country, that our lawn would be super healthy. It has its share of troubles! Between the weeds and the scattered patches of brown dead areas that spread around, we need to come up with a  lawn maintenance schedule to spruce this not so great one up!

I know that there are a few things we could do to achieve a greener, healthier lawn.

  • keeping our lawn mower blades sharper
  • stop mowing it so low (my hubby always scalps it to the ground!)
  • rake our lawn to remove heavy thatch build up
  • identify any pests and research options to eliminate them
  • identify weeds we have a problem with
  • start using a fertilizer

I’ve never tried to fertilize my lawn before but I think it would be an easy way to get started. Also, there are several things on my list that I believe can be taken care of with a single product like the Scotts® Snap® Spreader System. After watching this video testimonial, I think it also looks super easy to use, I wouldn’t even have to bug the hubby to do it for me since I could figure it out myself!

Another feature I really like about the Scotts ® Snap® Spreader System is that it isn’t wasteful and at least one of the products – the Snap-Pac Lawn fertilizer – is marketed as being kid and pet friendly! The system uses a bag of fertilizer called a Snap-Pac. This Snap-Pac “snaps” and locks into place on the rolling feeder, it even auto sets the application rate for easy distribution. The EdgeGuard feature would let me avoid putting fertilizer where I don’t want it (like in the flower beds, driveway and veggie garden). What is really neat is that when I’m done, the Snap-Pac lifts off and reseals itself so that I can easily store the bag for the next time! No spilling or trying to tie the bag shut to keep it dry.

Even better, if I start using the Scotts ® Snap® Spreader System, I’ll be able to take advantage of the Snap perks on Facebook! You can too, When you Like Scotts® Facebook page, you’ll be able to enter for a chance to win some amazing prizes each month and be alerted to other upcoming promos! 

What are you doing to get a greener lawn this summer?



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  1. 1

    Our grass is looking pretty green already. but a hard frost warning has been issued…bummer. not worried about the grass but all the perennials that popped out early. so this stuff is safe for your chicks too? good to know.

    • 2

      The one specific product I mentioned says that it is safe for pets, I wouldn’t let them eat it of course but I would be comfortable with putting it on my lawn. We are supposed to be getting some snow here to!

  2. 3

    I think we need to try this for our lawn. It’s so drab right now.

  3. 4

    I use TruGreen but your suggestions look great for DIY!

  4. 5

    We need something like this at least for part of the yard. We don’t really have a “lawn” since our “grass” is mostly a mixture of weeds!

  5. 6

    This is very helpful! Thanks a lot for sharing.

  6. 7

    I am a passionate landscaper and I will be sure to give it a try. I am always looking for good suggestions to improve the health of my lawn. Thanks for Sharing!

  7. 8

    Before undertaking spring lawn care, allow the area to dry out. A wet or soggy lawn can sustain damage when cultivated. The roots will be easily pulled from the soil and the blades bent or broke. Once the lawn has dried out, it should be thoroughly raked to help aerate the soil. Raking will remove accumulated winter debris. It will also open up the soil and the grass blades to create air circulation.

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