Glad Black Bag Art Auction proceeds benefit Keep America Beautiful!

Glad black bag

Trash. It is everywhere! My family produces their fair share of garbage and it seems like it accumulates quickly when we aren’t paying attention to slowing down our trash output. The trash that we do collect gets placed in our favorite garbage collection bag – Glad black bags. I especially like using the Force Flex bags. We tend to really stuff our trash bags as full as they can get. I want to use them to their maximum capacity — the force flex allows us to do so without poking holes all over the bag and making a mess! That makes me happy and keeps life’s wild {and messy} moments a little easier {and tidier} to celebrate!

Glad black bag is also one of my favorites because they are always trying to show our world a little kindness with Earth-friendly events like the One Bag Campaign and involvement with the Keeping America Beautiful’s Great American Clean-up events. Recently, Glad black bag has partnered with popular television show trash reclaimers,  the Picker Sisters, and Keep America Beautiful to find ways to celebrate and cleanup life’s wild moments and then find incredible and smart ways to reuse trash!

trash to treasure

We all have those moments where we’ve spilled bleach on a throw rug or spilled broken a favorite dish. The Picker Sisters live by the saying “one person’s trash is another’s treasure” and travel across the country on their popular sho helping people do just that! Check out these expert Trash to treasure tips from the Picker Sisters.

  • Practically practical – Think about how a piece will function — will the item get lots of use and have to withstand daily beatings? Design your projects using materials to suit your lifestyle. Your creations should be both beautiful and functional. For instance, consider using an old trunk as a coffee table. If you want a smooth surface, get some glass cut at your local home improvement store to fit over the trunk, so you can still admire the charm of the piece, while making it useable.
  • Embrace the eclectic – Mixing old with new, modern with antique, or rustic with mid-century, can bring freshness to your style and breathe new life into your space. And the good part is, you can choose items you prefer, not items you think you need to make everything match exactly.
  • Refresh key pieces – Looking to freshen up your dining room chairs because they have endured their fair share of spills? Don’t throw them out. It may be easier than you think to reupholster the cushions with a fresh, new print, or, perhaps something spill-proof. With just a few key tools – such as an electric staple gun, pliers and screw driver – and you can have a fresh-looking dining set. Check out a how-to video at
  • Inspiration everywhere – We draw inspiration and ideas from everything around us all the time. Magazines, the Internet and nature itself are brimming with interesting, evocative images and objects that may spark a thought that you can then incorporate into your own design. The most original ideas can come from the most unlikely places. So keep your eyes open and your creative goggles on, and draw inspiration from the great big world around you.

Glad black bag art auction

Glad black bag is also excited to be partnering with Keep America Beautiful’s Great American Cleanups across the country to collect items that will be used by a mosaic artist to turn them into works of art! Just for this Trash to Treasure event, talented mosaic artist Jason Mecier has created four gorgeous works of art with people’s trash or “wild life remnants.” All of the items that Jason used for the pieces were collected during clean-up events, as well as items donated by some great celebs. Four special pieces are being auctioned off right now!

Glad art auction mosaic duckThe Glad® Black Bag art auction on eBay runs through April 26th. All proceeds raised throughout the Glad Black Bag auction will benefit Keeping America Beautiful’s Great America Cleanup. 

There are four art pieces up for auction: a mosaic chimpanzee, bear, raccoon and duck. While they are all gorgeous, my favorite is the duck! I love how life like that mosaic trash duck is! You must watch the video of how Jason Mecier creates his recycled art, it is truly amazing! The raccoon makes me smile as well, he has a funny expression on his face :). 

Another reason why I like the duck is that one of the celebs that donated items for the piece is Jesse Eisenberg! Sound familiar? He’s the goofy kid who plays “Columbus” in Zombieland — one of our favorite movies! So cool!

Other Hollywood stars who’ve donated their trash include reality star Lauren Conrad, actress Emmanuelle Chriqui of “Entourage,” Parks & Recreation’s Nick Offerman, Dancing with the Stars’ Chelsie Hightower, and “iCarly’s” Nathan Kress. 

You can Bid on these original works of upcycled art from April 16 – 26, 2012. You’ll be gaining a beautiful piece for your home or business and helping to keep our world clean!

In addition to the Glad Blag Bag Art Auction, you can also enter for a chance to win a $25,000 Grand Prize sweepstakes, or one of our daily $100 prizes. Just visit Glad’s Facebook page to upload your own Wild Life episode.

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I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour campaign by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Glad Black Bag and received a Glad Black Bag product and a promotional item to thank me for taking the time to participate. I was also asked to “pin” one (1) Glad Black Bag Art Auction photo on Pinterest.”
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