Messes don’t go away when the kids get older – they just get better!

My kids rarely make a real mess these days. It’s been what seems like ages since they were those mud puddle splashing, cake frosting smashing, chopping their own hair off little hellions that they used to be! Don’t let them fool you though, being older doesn’t mean they don’t still add a little messiness to our life!

These days my daughter Pie’s biggest mess seems to be when she’s either cleaning out her room or making something. Sorting through her large purse collection took quite a bit of thought and decision making about which purses to keep and which to put in the yard sale bin.


sorting purse collection

A science fair project can also turn into a messy event that is fun for everyone! Eek! I’m scared!

volcano project mess

And maybe the messiest, yet funnest project of all — painting a random scrap of lumber to make a name sign / jewelry hanger for her room! I have found that most of my daughter’s tweenage {ooh, is that a word?} messes are a part of her creativity. I encourage her to make a mess, as long as she cleans it up!

painting a board

What kind of messes do your children make? 

This is my entry to the Appliances Online messiest kid competition, check out the other entries at It’s Gravy Baby.

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  1. I bet your house is just full of fun! I love Pie’s purse collection- I was the same way. Messy science projects are the best- my little ones love making volcanoes. I can tell that your daughter is very creative & it’s awesome that you let her run with it!

  2. Daily Deals 4 Pets says

    OMG my kids know exactly how to make a mess…about…every five minutes! The worst though, is the Moon Dough! Ahhhhh!

  3. Clean the kitchen, put away all dishes. Look away for 10 seconds, then look back. Tada! New food and dishes scattered everywhere around the kitchen.

  4. Oh I started the kids early on messiness. I use to get out pudding and away they went. Zoe does crafts all the time. I’m like you, scared when Science projects arrive;)

    Love her purse collection!!

  5. lisa brown says

    Not too many messes in this house. I don’t mind the mess too much. It means they are having fun and are happy. With a little instruction, the messes are cleaned up with no resistance and a smile.

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