Infographic: Women, Children and Debt

Is it any coincidence that women, specifically women who are mothers, have little to a lot of debt? This interesting Infographic shows how age, relationship status and other factors come in to play when we think about women, children and debt.

Debt Consolidation

Infographic created by CareOne Debt Relief Services.


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    This is actually a reality among single moms. However, the sudden surge in the debts among single mothers can also be partly affected by the economic problems we are facing now. The fathers might be unable to give support or something.

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    The infographic is true. Single mothers more or less will incurred a lot of debt because she is the only who’s making a living..

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    1st being single mom is not easy to rise their children. Now the economics have crisis. they really need a help from the government. Their is lot of ways for helping single mom’s.

    Thanks for shearing this !… i hope you will like my comment..

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    As a single mom I can relate to the debt associated with raising children on your own and know the importance of saving, budgeting and managing my debt to provide for our family!

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