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OREO 100th anniversary

Can you believe that OREO is celebrating it’s 100th Birthday? Happy Birthday OREO! You sure have aged well :). To celebrate this fabulous milestone, I’m sharing some of my earliest OREO memories! Back when I was growing up, my parents pretty much made everything homemade. We didn’t have many convenience or packaged items in our home, if we wanted cookies my mom made cookies, not that I didn’t want them, I can sure remember WANTING those OREO cookies at the store! That’s probably why I don’t have any early memories of actually eating the coveted OREO cookies! I do remember finally getting to eat lots of them in my tween and teen years though! 

I can remember how carefully I would try to twist apart the two sides of the cookie so I could get to that yummy “white stuff” in the center! I can also remember how funny I thought that a super silly song about that yummy “white stuff”, and made by a certain “weird” guy, was! The song was a parody of a popular song by one of my favorite pop bands at the time (Oh man, I’m dating myself!) so umm, ya, hilarious! 

Back to the cookie! Twisting apart the cookie was only the beginning! Then there was the choice of either eating the white stuff (what the heck is that stuff anyway?) first or munching on the crunchy chocolate parts…. hmmm, decisions! Or, you could just forego the whole twisting part and plop that entire OREO cookie into a tall glass of cold milk!

OREO 100th birthday

My favorite part about the milk and OREO option was learning how to hold the cookie just right so that I could dunk the entire surface into the milk. There’s a certain amount of practice to it, you have to be careful and time it just right so that the cookie is saturated — but not so saturated that it starts to fall apart. There’s nothing like taking a big bite out of an OREO that’s got milk oozing out of its pores… does an OREO have pores? 

What’s your first OREO memory?

Share your OREO moments and win $200!

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