The Neater Feeder is the mess-free pet bowl! #review

neater feeder logoOur Ginger loves to get mail, almost as much as I do! A few weeks ago she was surprised to have a huge package delivered to her! It was a brand new dog dish, but not just any old dog dish. It was a Neater Feeder! Ginger may not notice, or even care, that her eating habits aren’t particularly neat. Honestly, she can’t help the fact that her big floppy lips get in the way when she eats, or that they send food flying all over the place. However, Ginger’s messy eating habits are something that I do notice, a lot! 

For years we have placed Ginger’s food and water bowls on throw rugs. We’ve been through countless rugs; rag ones, rubber ones, sisal ones, foam-ish ones and none of them end up lasting for very long. A cheap rug can only be thrown in the washer so many times before it starts to fall apart! Hopefully now that Ginger has her very own Neater Feeder, I won’t need to buy any more rugs for her bowls! 

The Neater Feeder is an award winning pet feeding solution that keeps your dog’s food area mess-free. The raised sides of the feeding area are high enough to contain all of the food crumbs and water splashing that your dining pet creates. The top bowl holding portion of the feeder rests on top of a base that is actually a reservoir for the spilled water. The front lip is just wide enough to keep the water from dripping onto the floor, and the holes allow water to pass through to the base.

The feeder comes in sizes to accommodate most pets including large (8 cup), medium (4 cup), small (2 cup) and cat (1 cup). You can even order leg extensions to adjust the Neater Feeder’s height for the comfort of your furry friends. It’s also nice to read that the Neater Feeder is made in the U.S.A., right here in Pennsylvania! 

neater feeder pet bowl

 When Ginger first saw her food in this strange new contraption, she wasn’t too sure she would like it. Quite a bit of sniffing and inspecting went on before we were allowed to set it up. She looked on with confusion as we removed her disgustingly messy old rag rug and mismatched bowls and replaced them with her bright and shiny new spill-proof food station. I don’t think she was very impressed at first. We knew she would get used to it soon though, it was that or starve (just kidding — kind of) so we let her warm up to it for a few days. Ginger, it appears, does not care for change.

Her better instincts finally won out and before the night was over she was tentatively using her new bowl.

Fast forward a couple of weeks and it’s as if The Neater Feeder has always been part of normal daily life. Ginger seems to love the fact that she doesn’t have to bend down so much to eat her breakfast, those old joints of hers are probably loving it as well! I purposefully left it along for awhile to see how dirty it would really get. Um, it’s gross people! Can you see all of that crud on the red part of the feeder? All of that would normally be all over the rug, floor and walls surrounding her old food and water bowls. Yuck! I love it, no more scrubbing dried bits of rock hard dog food off of the bathroom floor or stepping in lovely puddles of slobbery water.

The one and only thing I was worried about was the size of the water bowl. Ginger drinks a lot of water and I wasn’t sure if this bowl would be large enough for her. We do have to fill up up twice a day, once in the morning and once at night but it hasn’t been a bother. It’s probably better for her anyway since she’s getting fresh water more often!

I love the rubber non-skid inserts that are on the bottom of the Neater Feeder’s feet. they truly do work and the feeder doesn’t move an inch when Ginger is enthusiastically chowing down. Ginger and I are both looking forward to years of use out of her new Neater Feeder! 

Be sure to stop by the Neater Feeder Facebook page, Twitter profile @neaterfeeder and the Neater Feeder website to keep up with promos and news. 

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Although a complimentary review product was provided, all opinions are 100% mine (and Ginger’s).
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  1. 1

    I SO need one of these for our dog!! She always makes a mess of her food and water in the kitchen.

  2. 2

    Isn’t this the best pet product EVER! We love it.


  3. 3

    It’s a brilliant idea, but it is a little ugly.

  4. 5

    This is really cool! I would have loved to have had this when we had our chocolate lab. It would have been so much more convenient for him and us.

  5. 6
    Grumpy Grateful Mom says

    Cool bowl! I’m always needing gift idea for my in-laws and this would be perfect, for their dog that is. :)

  6. 7

    I love her expressions! How does the plastic hold up to the grime and water from the food and her eating? is it easy to clean?

    • 8

      It is extremely easy to clean! The plastic is thick and has that slick feel to it so the grime really wipes right away. I just set it in the bathtub and wipe it of real quick! We truly love this product!

  7. 9

    How cool is that. I love that it is non skid (a first question that came through my head) and that they have multiple sizes. I would love one of these for my two cats. I too have used rugs, placemats and currently use a rubber type (which works the best) but this seems like a much better solution. Love Gingers expressions, just like Kim said, cute!

  8. 11

    That’s a great idea, I like how it’s elevated. My dogs eat too quickly to make a mess of their food, but believe me they make enough messes other places. My Asia is a chocolate lab and the same color as Ginger.

  9. 12

    I need to tell my sisters about this. We are getting a dog soon and this would be awesome!

  10. 13

    My sister just got a dog and she said feeding times is making a mess. I will definitely tell her about this. Thank you so much!

  11. 14

    I love our neater feeder.

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