{almost} Wordless Wednesday – Cuddling with Grandma

I’ve always loved this photo of my mom sitting on the couch cuddling with her grandchildren. Can you believe this was eleven years ago? Also, I never noticed it before but both of my silly kids have the same look on their face!

If I’ve shared this photo before, I’m sorry — too lazy to sort through old posts to see :P Happy WW!

mom and the kids


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  1. 1

    This is one of my favorite photo’s of me with my grand-children! First of all I look great here. My grand-children have grown up from babies to preteen & teenager now. Wow, time has gone by so fast. I’m showing my age now in many ways.lol but one thing hasn’t changed since this photo, is my love for my grandson & granddaughter. They are very sweet, caring & loving with me,and I love them so very much. My daughter is a great mom, she is always wanting the best for them ! I knew she would make a wonderful mom! Love ya, MOM & grandma

  2. 2

    That is too funny. The kids look exactly alike!!

  3. 3

    They do have the same look! lol

  4. 4

    What a nice photo.
    (P.S. – Your header looks great!)

  5. 6

    They do both have the same silly face :) Great memories!

  6. 7

    I think it’s adorable that they have the same expression, and this capture is wonderful. :)

  7. 8

    They do have the same expression! How darling!

  8. 9

    LOL! They have the exact same expression!!

  9. 10

    Cute picture, and I like the new header too!

  10. 12

    Such a sweet picture!

  11. 13

    how cute!

  12. 14

    My mom loves my boys too. It is great to have family photos.

  13. 15

    Sweet picture!

  14. 16

    Cute. Now you need to take a current one with everyone posed the same!

  15. 17

    What a great photo… even if you have shared it before, I’ve never seen it so I’m glad you posted it.

  16. 18

    Great photo!!

  17. 19

    Such a sweet, sweet photo and memory. I noticed right away that their expressions are exactly the same!

  18. 20

    what a sweet picture

  19. 21

    So sweet. Total keepsake picture forever.

  20. 22

    So sweet. This reminds me, I should probably take more pictures of my mom with the kids.

  21. 24

    Aw this is such a sweet picture! It’s amazing how much kids can still resemble what they looked like as kids.

  22. 25

    I love old photos! My goodness, how time flies. Your kids are all big now!

  23. 27

    What a great photo! And the kids look a lot alike.

  24. 28

    Adorable… it makes me miss my grandma!

  25. 29

    Such a sweet photo :)

  26. 30

    What a lovely photo, I always adore my grandma who complete me for who am I because she is able to raise up me til then…

  27. 31

    This is the most sweetest photo I ever seen, even I don’t have this kind of shot… Great!

  28. 32
    Florence18Moore says

    This is really a lovely picture, this is the perfect image of an inspiring family picture…

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