Mr.Chewy delivers your pet’s favorite treats right to your door!

Mr.chewy logoIf you’ve been visiting A Hen’s Nest for any length of time, you are bound to have noticed that we like to spoil our Ginger Dog. She’s definitely an important member of the family, that’s why we were thrilled to be contacted by the adorable Mr.Chewy! 

Mr.Chewy is a little dog who has big dreams of bringing happiness to pets everywhere! He sure brought some to Ginger! We visited for the first time a few weeks ago and were pleasantly surprised by the large selection of  name brand pet food, treats and toys the site has to offer our pup — over 70 brands!

Mr.Chewy has grain-free dog food!Since Ginger is joining in our family’s New Year resolution to eat healthier (it did take a little coercing to get her to agree to this healthier diet), we bypassed her usual dog food brand (glad to see that does carry it though, just in case!) and searched out one that has a grain-free base instead. Luckily Mr.Chewy has a big selection of items for dogs who are on a restricted diet, or can stand to lose a few pounds like our sweet Ginger.

It took me more time than I care to admit to obsess over decide which kind of new dog food to order for Ginger. There were so many different ones and each one that I compared to our local store prices was always within a dollar or two. I love that I don’t have to worry about overpaying just  because I’m ordering online, Mr.Chewy has great prices! Plus there is always FREE shipping on orders over $49! 

We placed our order for a large bag of Taste of the Wild dry dog food and a small bag of natural banana yogurt dog treats, hey a girl has got to have goodies once in awhile! Shipping was very quick, even though it was a holiday weekend. Our order was placed the 31st and we received a big box and a little box on January 4th, not bad at all!

Ginger just KNEW that this huge box that had just arrived was for her and her alone! She sniffed it and walked around it and waggled her tail and looked at me with her pleading brown eyes until I tore it open for her to peek into. 

Ginger checks out her package from Mr.Chewy

Ahhh! Nothing like a big bag of tasty arriving on your doorstep! We were happy to see that Mr.Chewy didn’t waste a bunch of paper and plastic to pack our items in. Some places overdo it a bit with the packaging and Ginger is always a bit frightened when the kids start popping that weird shiny stuff that lots of packages have inside. After Ginger satisified herself that this was indeed hers, she was even more curious to see what the little box held inside.

Ginger ordered Mr.Chewy treats

I opened up the top and pulled the Blue Buffalo mini bars out for her to sample. She gives Banana & yogurt treats 2 paws up, I do too at just $4.99 a bag! Healthy, crunchy and yummy — just the kind of thing Ginger likes to munch.

Ginger can't wait to dig into her Mr.Chewy treats!

Ginger says she would like Mr.Chewy to know that she wouldn’t mind having a truckload of mini treats delivered right to her door —  just as soon as she figures out how to get them past mom and store them under her pillow bed. Silly pup.

Mr. Chewy is delivering pet happiness!

Besides being convenient, ordering your pet food and supplies online from Mr. Chewy’s also has another benefit. When you refer your friends to and have them use your unique referral code, your friend will get 10% off their first order. PLUS will donate $10 to an awesome pet charity!! How cool is that?

You can use my code to get started! 

HENS9487 donates for each friend you refer

Mr. Chewy is social!

Make sure to keep in touch with Mr. Chewy via his twitter page @MrChewy and his fun Mr.Chewy Facebook page — it’s full of adorable pet pictures!

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  1. 1

    we ust recently used Mr. Chewy and it was so easy and quick! Love that I dont have to make a trip to the pet food store anymore!

  2. 2

    I’ve never heard of this brand, I’ll have to look out for it thanks :)

  3. 3

    My 2 girls agree with Ginger about the treats under their pillows. Enjoy Ginger!

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    so glad you found great choices!

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