Bacon Bagel Sandwiches #recipe bring smiles

bacon bagel

Let’s get one thing straight right now, this sandwich is not great for you. It is simple, quick, delicious, crunchy, tangy and made from things that like to clog your arteries.

Please tell me that you aren’t going to try and lighten it up with fat free sour cream or turkey bacon, that defeats the whole purpose of it being an indulgence. That is what it is after all, a big fat bacon sandwich wrapped in cheese and sour cream. YUM!

Unfortunately I cannot take credit for inventing this mouthwatering morsel. I ‘think’ they were my step-sister’s creation years ago when her son was tiny and I was pregnant and we used to sit in her house for hours and hours on end together while she taught herself to knit and I decided the horribly tedious cross-stitching was not-never-will-be-for-me. Remember those days of taking turns making dinner? Remember Toe Jam? Well that’s another story and not fitting for sandwich posts…

I will tell you one tip, pick up the bagels yourself. If you send your husband, he’ll probably grab plain bagels — which are fine but not as good as whole wheat or honey wheat or everything ones. They make the bagel 100 times better in my opinion.

Do you really need a recipe for this one? Eh, I’ll give you one anyway :)

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Bacon Bagel Sandwiches bring smiles
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A quick to make sour cream, bacon, cheese and bagel sandwich that tastes delicious!
Recipe type: Main
Serves: 4
  • 1 1lb your favorite bacon
  • 4 slices yellow cheese
  • ½ cup sour cream
  • 4 large bagels (we like Thomas or Lenders)
  1. Cut bacon into thirds and cook in large skillet over medium heat, turning frequently until crisp and cooked though. Place on paper towel lined plate to drain.
  2. Meanwhile, toast your bagels in either a toaster oven or the toaster just until warmed through, you want them to stay soft.
  3. Spread 2 Tbs of sour cream on bottom of each bagel Add 5 or 6 pieces of bacon then a slice of cheese. Place the top of bagel on the cheese and press down slightly.
  4. Enjoy while still warm!


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  1. 1

    MMM. When I was pregnant with Gav I was addicted to bagel egg and cheese sandwiches. I had the stomach and weight gain to prove, although there really was a baby in there. I would never lighten up with turkey bacon YUCK!

  2. 2

    Boy that bacon sure looks good on that sandwich. yum

  3. 3

    Anything with bacon scores in my book!

  4. 4

    Ooooh yum!! WANT!

  5. 5

    never would have thought of putting sour cream on a bagel

  6. 6
    judy gardner says

    i have never put bacon on a bagel but it sure sounds and looks amazing!

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