Norelco Philips Vacuum Stubble & Beard Trimmer Pro Review

vacuum stubble  and beard trimmer pro

I finally pried this out of Super G.’s hands so I could post our review! If you have a hairy hubby then you know how much time he spends trying to de-hair his face, or at least trim all that hair into a manageable and attractive look.  Philips knows too because they’ve created this great little trimmer just for our hairy guys. 

The Philips Norelco Vacuum stubble and beard trimmer Pro is exactly what it says it is. It is a beard, mustache, side burn, stubble and whatever-else-is-growing-on-your-face trimmer that vacuums up the little bits of hair. While I {luckily} cannot personally review this trimmer myself, my hubby has more than enough hair to try it out for you! 

I pinned him down this morning and told him to give me the details. ‘Honey’, I said, ‘what is it that you like about your new handy dandy vacuum trimmer?’ These are the things he likes best {in his words}:

  • easy to clean
  • doesn’t throw hair all over
  • likes the adjustable thingy because you don’t have to switch anything around
  • it has a great grip because it’s long and thin
  • charges quick and holds the juice for a long time
  • Not too loud even on the highest setting
  • likes the large numbers on the front for settings

He has some nice points there, just let me explain a few that I agree with. First of all, he is absolutely right — it doesn’t throw hair all over! This awesome trimmer collects the hair, hence the vacuum part, and stores it in the little front compartment for later disposal. LOVE this feature, it means that I don’t have little wiry beard hairs on my toothbrush any more, or on the sink, or the counter, or all over the bathroom. This is great because those little hairs really annoy me. 

vacuum stubble and beard trimmer pro captures the hair!

The adjustable spinning zoom wheel is really nice — there are no extra pieces or attachments to get lost, or clutter the bathroom even more. All my hairy guy has to do is decide what length he wants to trim his stubble to, turn the wheel and do it. With the ability to choose from 1mm (1/32 inch) to 18 mm (23/32 inch), he’ll always get the exact look he wants with the self sharpening blade.  The numbers on the front are nice because he doesn’t have to squint or guess, they’re right there in plain view.

The grip really is nice. the back is smooth but has that soft feel that is comfortable and not slippery. It has a nice shape and design as well as a small footprint on the bathroom counter.

Norelco Philips vacuum trimmer pro

All in all, I think that the Philips Norelco Vacuum Stubble and Beard Trimmer Pro would be a thoughtful gift any man or teen would appreciate. It’s also an affordable one. The trimmer retails for $59.99 but you can find it on right now for $49.99, and for who-knows-how-long has a $5.00 coupon showing on the product page pushing the price down even farther!

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Complimentary review provided by Philips. No other compensation received.


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    That looks like a great gift idea!

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    Love the vacuum feature!

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    My hubby is getting one of these for Christmas. :)

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    o wow. that vacuum feature is def an AMAZING idea!! def need to get this as a gift for someone this year!

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    I was debating on getting one of these for my hubby…thanks for the suggestion.

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    That sounds like a really great product that my husband would love. (Love your new theme btw!)

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    What a great gift idea, and I love the vacuum feature!

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    Does anyone know a guy who has used it to trim his head? I know a guy who could really use one of these, but he also shaves his head, so ideally it would work with both.

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    What a great gift idea!! My husband would love this.

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    Looks like a handy tool for guys!

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    Wow, it is a really affordable gift.

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