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Board Games have been part of my life for as long as I can remember. Those were the days before computers and fancy video games were regular household fixtures, we didn’t have much else to do on a family night! Every Sunday our family would go to church, go grocery shopping and then play a game together in the evening. Sometimes we would play a game after lunch, on the days we went to both morning and evening service. 

We had a few favorites, Yahtzee, UNO and Monopoly being the top three, and the ones we played the most. My Dad was always The Banker, and he almost always won. No, he didn’t cheat! Dad had a degree in accounting so I think that gave him a pretty big advantage.

I remember how badly I wanted to whoop him! 

Even as a teen I loved playing games, especially card games with my mom and step-dad. I remember many nights of playing Back-Alley Bridge with everyone gathered around the table, we had a lot of laughs!

My love of board games has stayed with me through the years. When the kids were small we had Game Night parties. Instead of going out on the town, we would invite a few friends over and have snacks, a glass of wine {or two} and ton of fun playing games together. 

Our game… well, MY game obsession has grown into several shelves full of a large assortment of different games, from classic to crazy to just plain fun, we have got a game for every age, play style and occasion! 

Playing games as a family lets us enjoy spending time together away from the electronics everyone is usually attached to. It creates a sense of what family is all about — laughing, playing, competing. Just being together in one room at the same time brings us closer together, even when there’s an occasional sore loser. When we play and laugh together, we are a stronger family, and board games definitely help us along!

What about your family?

Use the discussion box below to tell LEGO how board games create a bonding experience for your family and be entered to win a LEGO Prize Pack that includes 3 LEGO Games, a $30 iTunes gift card and a copy of Gourmet Game Night!

LEGO Minotaurus board game


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LEGO® Games are the world’s first collection of board games that can be built, played and changed, that delivers a whole new way for families to have fun together the LEGO way.  Whether challenging friends or family to a LEGO Game in a variety of themes and types – guessing, strategy, memory, logic and chance – no two LEGO Games experiences are ever the same! 

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