Arcanatura Omega-3 DHA Supplement Review – Natural pet care for aging pets

Arcanatura logoWhen we think about living greener, recycling, buying organic foods and using more natural products in daily life are the main points that usually come to mind. Oftentimes we forget about the products we use for our pets. And we use a lot of them! Shampoos, flea and tick treatments, toys, treats, accessories and health care supplements are just a small sampling of the products we use and purchase for our lovable furry friends. Yet, the products available for pets are often not very eco-friendly.

I’m glad to share Arcanatura with you, a Connecticut based, eco-conscious company that makes and sells natural pet care products for dogs, horses and cats. Founded by three veterinarians who each bring years of experience and a commitment to creating functional and natural pet care solutions that get at the root of the disease, rather than just treating the visible symptoms. 

“…multifaceted herbal veterinary medicine that is evidence-based, scientifically founded and clinically proven. Our research has found that our natural solutions are more effective than other products that contain chemical active ingredients.”

“…we utilize 100% renewable and sustainable ingredients like soothing plant essential oils and naturally anti-bacterial extracts, while also incorporating fair trade sourcing into our production. Love your pet, Naturally™ .”

We were happy to receive two Arcanatura products  for our sweet dog, Ginger. At age 9, Ginger doesn’t move around as well as she used to. Though we do give her supplements, it would be wonderful to use a 100% natural product that we would feel more confident about treating her with. The Arcanatura Resolution-3 Omega-3 DHA Supplement seems to be a great natural solution for our aging pet’s needs. Omega-3 provides the much needed DHA for our pet which we are hoping will help her with her dry itchy skin and joint pain. Since the Omega-3 supplement is odorless and tasteless, we have had no problems getting Ginger to take her medicine! We squirt four pumps of the medication onto her food daily. While we haven’t been doing this long enough for a noticeable difference to be seen yet, I am excited about how she will be feeling in the weeks to come.

We also received the Arcanatura Tick’d-Off kit. This is a must have product for those of us who live in areas with a high tick population. The Tick’d-Off spray is made up of three concentrated essential oils — Thyme oil, Rosemary oil and Cinnamon oil, that will kill the tick within minutes of being sprayed. You can then use the included Arcanatura Tick Key to safely and quickly remove the dead tick.

Our Ginger DogIt gives me such a peace of mind knowing that I have natural options available to help Ginger live a longer, happier and healthier life. This girl has to stick around as long as possible because I don’t what I would do without her!

Be sure to keep up to date with Arcanatura via Facebook and Twitter where they share information on keeping your pets Naturally™ healthy, product coupons and more. Also, the Arcanatura blog has some really yummy recipes for natural pet treats that you can make at home! the perfect stocking stuffers for them! Ginger would go crazy for those Minty Fresh Dog Bones!

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Thank you to Arcanatura for providing the complimentary review products mentioned above.


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    That is awesome she does not notice the taste difference! :)
    How are the prices?

    • 3

      Well that would have been helpful to add! I will go back and do that soon but I just wanted to say that I think the prices are good. The Omega-3 is $16.95 for the bottle, it should last quite some time. That is less than the tabs we get now to help her with her joint pain. Tick-D off is 13.95, and again it will probably last us forever since we won’t need to use it very often.

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    Tricia Nightowlmama says

    WOW Who would of thought. When you think about it it is really amazing that they have something that can help out dogs other than medical pills and such.

    I am not a dog owner but I know many people who are

  3. 5

    These would come in really handy for our dog, especially the tick spray. I’d much rather use this than chemicals

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