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Although board games are great for playing any time of year, we tend to use ours more when the colder weather sneaks back in. This year, we’re glad that a new UNO game has arrived in our home! UNO Roboto is the newest take on this classic family game by Mattel. As in all UNO card games, the UNO Roboto game comes with the big deck of 108 UNO cards that we are all familiar with. The game also comes with the fun and friendly UNO Roboto robot to add a fresh spin to this popular favorite. 

First things first, you can customize each game by recording your own name onto the interactive robot. Then, use one of the suggestions on the four “House Rule” cards to record a house rule, or you can make up your own. Some suggestions the cards give are to “Do a Hula Dance”, “Cross your arms and yell Yo Yo Yo UNO!”, and “Balance a card on your head”. Pie and I made up quite a few of our own, a favorite being “Stand up, jump up and down three times, sit down and clap your head”, Whew! Make the rule as silly or as crazy as you like, just be sure everyone can complete it! And let the game begin! 

UNO Roboto game review

You’ll have to be on high alert because you never know when UNO Roboto will call out instructions! He may switch things up by making two players exchange hands, give someone an extra turn, call out a duel between two players, ask a player to give another player a nickname or ask you to complete the house rule! UNO Roboto can even be tricky at times, he often makes random noises making you think he’s about to do something! 

I have to say that I love this version of UNO! I’ve been playing UNO ever since I can remember. My dad and mom used to play the original with me way back when so I’m glad this card game is still around and still just as fun as ever! With room for 2 to 10 players, everyone can join in. The suggested age is 7 and up but our children started playing regular UNO long before that. With a bit of prompting from mom or dad, I believe younger players can have fun with this version as well.

Super G. even likes this game! Don’t even get me started on those silly nicknames they gave each other though! Buttchubbion and Butt Chin Betty are just two of many in the long line of silly “butt” themed nicknames these two can come up with. Personally I prefer to use ones such as “FlumperDink” and “HooDiddlyHumDee” ;). One other feature I love is the repeat button, there is no longer any question about who’s turn it is! Just press the repeat button to hear what you missed while you were laughing your head off!

Normally priced at $29.99, I noticed today that UNO Roboto is on sale for $24.49 on This would be a fun gift for any family member to find under the Christmas tree and a riot to play at a family gathering this season! 

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Thanks to Mattel for sending UNO ROboto for my family to review. No other compensation recieved for this honest opinion.


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    Uno is so much fun. I would love to unwrap this on Christmas Day!

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    I love UNO and have seen this game before, but never gave it much thought. I think I may pick one up for the girls for Christmas. Thanks so much for the great detailed review!

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