Unique Gift Ideas for guys who don’t know what they want

When you live with a man who never gives you a hint about the gifts he’d like to receive, you sometimes have to get a bit creative. It’s not that Super G. doesn’t like presents, he just doesn’t want to admit that he likes them. That and he almost always refuses to buy himself anything , I practically have to force him to buy new jeans, then listen to him go on about how he really doesn’t need them and how his so-stinking-holy-you-could -use-them-as-a-butterfly-net jeans are just fine and have lots of life left in them. Ummm.. no. So besides the usual t-shirts, socks and things, what else can you get your hubby if he’s anything like mine?

Super G. would flip if I bought him a cool “treasure hunting set” like this! Many men (and women!) enjoy the thrill of hunting for long lost treasures, especially if they are history buffs. My guy has had several cheaper metal detectors and was disappointed with them. If you think your man would like one, splurge and get him a good one.


No unique gift list for guys would be complete without the dreaded leg lamp. I first saw this monstrosity rear its ugly head in the 1983 tale “A Christmas Story” when Ralphie’s dad wins the beast. While my hubby often jokes that he’s going to get one to put in the window, he probably wouldn’t know what to do if one really showed up under the tree. I’m pretty sure it would have the same fate as the movie lamp ;).


tungsten rings for men

If your guy likes a little bling, then perhaps one of the gorgeous tungsten rings for men at menstungstenonline.com would be the perfect gift? When I saw the different textures and styles offered, I couldn’t help but think that this tungsten wedding ring would look great on my guy’s ring finger. I’m loving how masculine and solid it looks and I’m pretty sure my hubs would like as well.




Only one of the best ’80’s movies ever, Back To The Future is a classic! Which is why your guy would definitely love a vintage look Back To The Future t-shirt in his stocking. Mine would! If I could only find a Doc Emmet Brown one, that would be perfection. 


If all else fails, then you can always fall back on the tried and true manly gift idea and buy him some tools. Or, if money is no object, buy him this one massive tool that has 85 tools in one. You’ll probably want to get him something to carry it around in too, this thing weighs in at almost 3 lbs!

What did you wrap for your man this year? Clearly mine will be getting something strange ;)

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