I want to live near a mountain

Ever since we took our family day trip over to Benezette to see the elk herd, I’ve been daydreaming about all of those gorgeous tree covered hills we drove by. Taking that trip away from the stress and worry of home life really made me realize how much I miss traveling. While I haven’t done too much out-of-state travel in my adult years, my childhood is a different story.Every summer I remember riding for countless hours as my dad drove our family across the country to see the sights!

My favorite vacations were always the ones that included majestic views of mountain ranges and new and exciting wildlife like moose, bear and the big scruffy bison (my dad once hung me out the window at a wildlife park so that I could pet one, it was awesome). We were fortunate enough to have visited the gorgeous Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming just a year or two before the huge 1988 wildfires that burned over 36% of the park’s acreage. 

Between Park City Utah and Brighton Ski Resort
“A Day To Cherish” by Murry Dalton, on Flickr

Traveling light and on a budget, I don’t remember much about where we spent our nights. I remember tent camping just a few times, sleeping on the long narrow seats of my dad’s “big” van many times and I know that we must have stayed in quite a few hotels.

Isn’t it strange how that part of all of those trips escapes my memory? We must not have stayed anywhere memorable! We definitely never had the chance to stay somewhere as gorgeous as the Park City rentals near Utah’s secluded Hideout Canyon are going to be. Can you imagine living, or even just vacationing, in a home with such a scenic view?

 Nowadays when I am sitting here on this back road, surrounded by flat, dusty, forested land — I often dream of taking off to the mountains. How wonderful it would be to travel to Wyoming, Colorado or Utah. To be able to let my eyes drift far into the distance and watch the clouds greet the tips of the snow covered peaks. Ahh! Someday… someday I’ll see them again!

Where do you dream of living?

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    It’s definitely beautiful living near the mountains but I could never get used to the cold weather.

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