A car ride with Ginger Grant – Wordless Wednesday

I haven’t posted a picture of our Ginger Dog in so long! She’s still her adorable fat self. She’s just too darn cute for me to handle these days, the older she gets the more I give in to her. Every time I try to go anywhere she sits there and stares at me — hopefully waggling her butt with that questioning look in her eye.

If I even look at her, I’m done for. She’s been getting quite a few car rides lately AND been climbing up onto the couch way more often then she’s usually allowed to. Sigh, she’s just SO stinkin’ cute, and she knows it!

Ginger car ride

Ginger car ride collage



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  1. 1

    Oh, gosh! What a sweetie! I’d give in to her too.

  2. 2

    She is adorable!! Look at that face!!

  3. 3

    She is adorable. The way I see it, my dogs are only going to be around for 15 years or so…I might as well make those 15 years awesome and give them whatever their little hearts desire!

  4. 5

    Awwwww, she’s your precious girl!

  5. 6

    What a beautiful dog!

  6. 7

    Adorable! And I love her girly collar.

  7. 8

    Aw, beautiful dog!

  8. 9

    such a beautiful dog!

  9. 10

    She’s so pretty – I’d take some of her slobbery kisses!

  10. 12

    What a great dog!!!

  11. 13

    Awww she’s beautiful!

  12. 14

    She’s living the good life!

  13. 15

    How cute. I would let her on the couch too.

  14. 16

    So pretty :)
    Happy WW!

  15. 17

    Aww! Such a lovable pooch! :)

  16. 18

    Looks like she loved that car ride!!

  17. 19

    Love her. Looks like she is totally enjoying herself

  18. 20

    she sure is a cutey! does she stay in the back seat? I had yorkies & they loved to ride too. must be a dog thing, anything with their humans :)

  19. 21

    She is adorable!

  20. 22

    What a cutie!!

  21. 23

    She is very pretty : )

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