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When we found out a few weeks ago that were were selected as a party host for the Skylanders Spyro’s Adventure House Party, we were super excited! We’ve played Spyro on Gameboy Advance and other platforms in the past so we couldn’t wait to try this new game featuring one of our favorite characters for our Wii. I knew by the description that we were in for a ton of fun with this house party pack!

This is the best time to be a kid! The Skylanders Spyro’s Adventure video game brings toys to life, transforming Skylanders Action Figures into interaction figures by teleporting them into your Wii through the mystical Portal of Power. It’s a great night for kids of all ages, full of fantastical adventures and hours of fun.

Skylanders Spyro

A big box showed up at our door on October 18th and we couldn’t wait to open it up to take a peek. Now some house party hosts like to wait until the day of the party to break out their goodies but there was no way were were waiting that long! We hooked up our Portal of Power and dove into the game. So fun!

Spyro Wii party


On party day, our guests came ready for some play time. Everyone had fun switching characters and trying out the different skills each of the characters have. There are over 30 different ones (we are already planning on getting to the store to purchase a few of our faves!) and they all have unique abilities and weapons.

My favorites {{ so far }} are VooDood and Stump Smasher. Old stumpy (as I call him) might be a little on the sloooow side BUT he more than makes up for it with his flaming acorn spitballs and stumpy hammer hands. He’s like a big wooden ogre…. Voodood, well he’s just got a radical skeleton mask on his head and a sweet electrifying staff to zap the crap out of everything in his path. I could tell you what I like about all of the ones we’ve tried but it would take too long so you’ll have to check them out for yourself! 

Skylanders Spyro’s Adventure House Party

In between battling it out against the evil forces of KAOS, we had to refill our energy with a delicious dinner of “Shocking” VooDooD Pudding (pumpkin spice & oreos), Lava Lumps (scalloped potatoes w/ cheddar cheese), No Gold, No Glory casserole (corn pudding) and Rock Bashers (yeast rolls – no they weren’t hard!). Refueled and ready to BRING ON THE BOOM, we spent the rest of the afternoon slicing and dicing our way through numerous lands.

Haha! I know super corny right? I just can’t help it :)

Skylanders Spyro’s Adventure House Party

Some of our favorite Skylanders Spyro’s Adventure features are:

  • Take it with you! All of your character specific game info is saved to each game piece! You can use it on any Portal of Power, using any game system! Never worry about someone erasing your progress because it’s all stored on your character, so cool!
  • There are a TON of characters so everyone can choose their favorite
  • Great replay value since you can go through each world with different characters to unlock secret items and areas. You can also buy expansion pieces to play new worlds!
  • The Starter kit comes with EVERYTHING you need to play right out of the box — including batteries!
  • Fun for all ages from young to old!
  • The graphics are super fun and some of the voice overs are hilarious.
  • You can play as a team with your best bud or go head to head in the Battle Arena to kick some major butt!
  • You’ll get a cool Secret Code with each Skylander you own. Go online and enter it to play mini games and show off your collection.

We think the starter pack would make a great gift. I love products and toys that stay new and this game does that by offering all of the optional extras, new characters, location pieces, and magic items. the game grows and expands as you buy more items to enhance it!  I love the graphics in this game, they’re bright and fun and quite detailed. There are lots of areas to explore and roam and it’s nice that there are both timed and un-timed levels/mini-games to add variety and challenge.  As a mom who loves gaming, this is a fun way to spend some time with the kids while enjoying an activity we all are interested in. 

Currently, the Skylanders Spyro’s Adventure Starter pack can be found on Amazon for about $69.00. Remeber, the starter pack includes a copy of the game, 3 Skylanders (Spyro, Trigger Happy, and Gill Grunt),  the ‘Portal of Power’ peripheral, a character poster, trading cards, sticker sheet, web codes and batteries! I think this is a great price point as some games alone without accessories cost this much or more.

Skylanders Spyro’s Adventure House Party

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We received free product from to share and play with our family and friends. No other compensation was received and a review wasn’t even required. I just wanted to share this fun game!

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    I heard about this game and wondered about it. It sounds like you all had a great time!

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      We really did enjoy this game! I have found it’s a bit hard to find Wii games that have actual game play in them – at last the kind I’m used to so this was a pleasant surprise!

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    We haven’t tried this game yet. But it sounds like you had a great time playing it and if we can pick up a copy I can see lots of enjoyment coming our way. Great interactive photos as well.

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