Wordless Wednesday – The Flutist

Pie has decided to play the flute in fifth grade band this year! I’m so excited for her, I know she’ll do well! We’re looking forward to listening to her practice… and practice… and practice.

Well, maybe ;).

Pie playing the flute

“Music gives a soul to the universe” 

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  1. What an exciting new thing for her!!!

  2. I took flute from grade 5-9! Its a great instrument!

  3. people who play instruments impress me :)

  4. How exciting! I started to play clarinet in 5th grade and absolutely loved it. Good luck to her!

  5. the closest thing I (or my boys) ever came was the plastic recorder! Ha! the flute is almost as long as she is tall! Good luck to her :)

  6. That’s great! My son has always been in music and it made his high school years lots of fun since the band went on a Cruise and he went to Europe with a choir. There are so many great opportunities with music!

  7. How cool! My son is in chorus, no band in fifth.

  8. I played the flute too – hope she loves it!

  9. What a great adventure she’s starting! Music is amazing and I hope she enjoys every minute of it :)

  10. I played flute when I was in fifth grade. I regret that I didn’t play it in the years after. The only song I learned was Ode to Joy. Good luck to Pie. I think she’ll make a great flutist.

  11. I remember wanting to play the flute when I was young.

    That is neat she has an interest in music!

  12. That is awesome! I took piano when I was about that age and loved it. I wish now that I’d stuck with it, but still, good experience all around.

  13. I played the flute in 4th grade – for about 6 weeks. Hope it works out better for her

  14. Oh how fun! How does she like it so far?

  15. That is so awesome!!

  16. That is fabulous. I love the flute.

  17. Good choice! I played flute in 6the grade!

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