Inexperience cannot last forever!

Super G. and I are extremely lucky that we are able to make our jobs work for us. Having Super G. as a business owner, and myself as a blogger striving to add to our monthly income, means that we are always looking for ways to be more efficient with all of the paperwork that comes with being self employed. One of my biggest struggles, as the designated paper handler, is being able to keep up with all of the documents, information and client correspondence that both of our work involves. When time is of the utmost importance, as it often is in any business, it’s extremely helpful to be able to collaborate with each other and to be able to track changes in the files we might be working on.

I’ve looked into quite a few business software options in the past, there are so many different ones to choose from so I have yet to come away with a clear decision about what would be best for both of us. Having zero experience in the business world means that I definitely need all of the help I can get when trying to handle the secretarial duties of keeping our papers in order. I have a long way to go but am slowly learning how to do things such as scanning and faxing paperwork and working with Word, I even taught myself how to convert and create pdf files when needed. 

I console myself with the fact that with so much to learn, there is really nowhere for me to go but up! What types of business software and or tutorials have you found to be helpful?

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    Hi There,
    Just wanted to stop by and say Hello. Everyone is always learning- never stop.

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    My husband owns his own business and of course, i too am a blogger. I have had to do ALL of the bookkeeping and invoicing and EVERYTHING.

    I had to learn Quickbooks on my own. It’s daunting but there are so many resources online that I manage to fumble my through. Slowly I’m becomming an expert.

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    I use Excel spreadsheets for tracking everything blogging wise. It might not be the most sophisticated method but it works for me.

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