New FyrFlyz toy lights up the night review

FyrFlyz logoIt seems like the simplest toys are often the funnest ones!

That’s what we thought when we were sent a package of the hottest new toys available at select Toys ‘R Us stores, FyrFlyz. FyrFlyz are essentially lights on a string, yet they have immense replay value for kids of all ages. Have you seen these new light toys yet? If your children are anything like mine and love playing with light sabers, glow sticks and generally anything else that lights up, they’ll love FyrFlyz.

There are three different color combinations – the Blue Angel, the Cyclone, and the Nytfyr. You basically grasp each side of the string using the finger holes and twirl it, then either tighten or loosen the pressure to make a bunch of cool light effects. The light effects have fun names like Black Hole, Spinning Stars and Fyrewheels just to name a few.

FyrFlyz tricks

You can even create your own tricks to be featured in the Tricks Gallery on the FyrFlyz website! We have yet to master all of the ones shown on the website but it’s definitely fun trying! 

I can see these being a great toy to have on hand for backyard picnics and outings. They would especially fun for camping trips since they require so little storage space! Get two or three of them going at once and your family will have fun together laughing and competing to create new tricks like mine did :). 

I’m adding FyrFlyz to Hen’s 2011 Holiday Gift Guide as a perfect stocking stuffer for ages 8 and up. they’re affordable and fun! Make sure you check out FyrFlyz on Faceboook and @fyrflyz on Twitter for surprise giveaways and updates!

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Thanks to FyrFlyz & MomSelect for offering a wonderful giveaway for my readers. All opinions and experiences are my own and unswayed by free FyrFlyz review sample received, your opinion may vary. Questions? View my Disclosure.
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    Rafflecopter, hands down. It is so much easier to keep track of where I am and whether I have entered or done a specific task that I put off entering comment contests until late evening–after I have entered the Rafflecopter giveaways. In fact, I would likely not have taken the time to enter this giveaway for my grand-kids had it not been for the time saved using Rafflecopter for other giveaways.

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      Thank you for your thoughts Tess! I tend to agree with you that those high entries can be a turn off for some people, which is why I will most likely keep a mix of the old way and Rafflecopter, as they both have good and bad points. Thanks for stopping by!

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    Thank you for asking – I think there is a time and place for use of rafflecopter and times when the comment posting format should be used.
    for a reader the rafflecopter is so much easier to get done assuming the links are set up correctly. A few bloggers have jumped to rafflecopter but are requesting multiple blog posts requiring the entire form to be reloaded again and again. And we all know there are times they just do not want to load once, let alone multiple times.
    For a sponsor, rafflecopter usually does not do them justice. The entry is simply mechanics of the form and there is little or no visiting of the site or reading the review. I really like how some bloggers are requesting answers/comments posted in extra info which cuts down on copying of blog posts keep from visiting links and ofcourse, the need to reload the form.
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      Thank you so much for your candid answer Betty! I agree with you that Rafflecopter is certainly not perfect for every situation/blogger. I have a feeling I will use it for some giveaways and not others. I will probably always have the mandatory entry be leaving a comment with thoughts on something related to the company or post, I love reading everyone’s answers, even if I don’t always find the time to respond to each one. And, yes it is great for number boosting but not so good for getting to know each other! Thank you again for your thoughts!

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