Pamper Days Make Every Mom a Happy Mom – Guest Post

spa day

There are many things that busy frugal moms try to avoid, pamper days are one of these things. We moms are very conscious of our spending habits; we like to spend our hard earned cash on our kids, so when a friend suggested that we go for a spa day I was dubious.

I have always been careful with money and the thought of spending money on me never really enters my mind. But this once I decided that I would dedicate a bit of time to me. I was shocked when I found out how little the day cost. My friend had done some research and found a site that had hundreds of spa offers, it was great and we saved so much money. Several of the treatments were half price, so we were able to have more than one treatment each.

At the end of the day I really didn’t want to go home, I was so relaxed and I felt on top of the world. All the stress that had built up over the last few weeks dropped away. I would recommend spa days to anyone and contrary to popular opinion they don’t cost an arm and a leg. My friend and I are looking to make it a monthly thing.

Moms definitely need to devote some time to looking after number one. By looking after yourself you are also making sure that your kids have a chilled out mom, ready for anything that the world has to throw at them. A pampered mom is a super mom.


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    JDaniel4's Mom says

    I bet it was wonderful to be pampered.

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    That’s wonderful that you could have a special day and enjoy it with a good girlfriend to boot. I have definitely come enjoy that world and hope to make it a regular event as well :)

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