I despise my carpeting… just sayin’

Lately I have been noticing a funky, slightly doggy, smell in our home. With summer days of children being home 24/7, chickens running around the yard, and the dog coming in and out, it’s no wonder things aren’t as fresh as they should be. When I started to notice this aroma though, I worried about other people noticing it as well. That is embarrassing! So my normal schedule has been interrupted as I try to get the house back in order. I can’t help but think if we didn’t have to worry about carpet cleaning, then the funkiness would be eliminated.

Whoever thinks that having carpet in their home when they live on a dirt road in the country with kids, dogs and outdoor animals that the kids are always messing with is crazy!

In fact, if it were up to me I would rip out every square inch of carpeting in this house and be done with it! Unfortunately we rent so there is no way that’s happening anytime soon. I try to drag out my steam cleaner at least once a month to freshen the carpets up a bit. It lasts for awhile but I can’t help but think putting all of that moisture into my carpet must not be good. It seems like I can never get all of the water sucked back up into the canister before I give up. This probably does not help with the funky smell. I know there are ways the professionals like Chem-Dry can penetrate that nasty dirt with saturating my carpet but I have yet to resort to calling in the professionals!

Ginger carpet rollI have a feeling most of the smell is from my old, fat, stinky dog — Ginger. We love her but as she gets older it seems she gets smellier and smellier! It doesn’t help when I turn my back for a minute and she starts to do the fat Ginger roll! What a silly dog.

I threw her dog bed out onto the porch to air out a bit in the sunshine before I put it through the wash. Super G. and I were also talking about calling the veterinarian to have them give her another allergy shot. She had one last year and didn’t lick, scratch, chew OR smell for months afterwards. I just need to decide if it’s worth the $115.00 it costs for the shot (+ office visit!). Or, if I want to keep busting my butt with the carpet cleaning and getting nowhere.

Hmmm. What do you do about funky odors in your home?


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    Ugh, I hate carpet too! We only have it in two room, the master and nursery, but I still hate it. Our dog will go roll around and make it stink too.

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    I would totally ask your landlord if you can replace the carpet with laminate flooring. Maybe they’ll take the cost off your rent.

    Getting rid of carpet has been a miracle for me and my house o’ dogs. Once the smells get down into the carpet pad, there’s no getting them out (per the Stanley Steamer guy who charged me $200 and couldn’t get the smell out). I got so tired of people knowing I had dogs the minute they stepped into my house.

    Thankfully the house I’m in now has hardwood floors. That comes with its own frustrations (piles of hair along the baseboards no matter how often I sweep) but my house smells good again.

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      I wish that were an option Andrea, believe me I do. We are hopeful that we will be able to get into our home within the next year, then we can do as we please with our flooring!
      My aunt has the “hardwood floor dust-bunnies” but I’d take that any day over ugly smelly carpet lol!

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