dENIZEN jeans by Levis exclusively at Target #review

Jeans. I love them. I hate them. I can never find a pair that fits me correctly while still being comfortable.

WdENIZEN jeanshen I was asked to review a pair of the new dENIZEN jeans by Levi’s, I told myself that I should ask for a pair for one of the kids… or Super G. In the end though, my selfish-clothes-hog brain decided to grab a pair for Me! This was a major leap of faith on my part since my obviously pear shaped, and bottom heavy, figure is hard enough to find jeans for, let alone jeans that are sight unseen.

So was I surprised when I pulled them on for the first time and thought, Holy crap, they fit!, yep, I sure was! I put them on again today just to make sure it wasn’t a fluke, they still felt just as good. Do not laugh at my love handles! I’m working on them with all those Jazzercise classes :) The pair of Totally Shaping Mid-Rise Boot Cut jeans that I received are super comfortable. The ultimate test was checking for that dreaded back gap, you ladies with hips wider than your waist know what I’m talking about – that 2 to 4 inch glaring huge gap in the back of your jeans above your booty. dENIZEN jeans, are gap-less for me! Woot! The waist sits perfectly below my belly button without squeezing at all, there is a nice line and I don’t even have to wear a belt!

Besides being blessed with a large behind, my thighs are a bit more curvaceous than I’d like as well. The jeans are a tiny bit snug on that area, as expected, but the ultra stretchy demin feels good and the jeans were pretty easy to get on with minimal booty jiggling required. The length is perfect! I can wear these jeans with sneakers, sandals, or heels. Something else I also noticed was that the front pockets are quite shallow. I think that this helps take away added bulk and allows for a smoother fit. I know that because of my thighs I can sometimes see the outline of the front pockets on of a few pairs of my jeans, I hate that with a passion and was very happy to see that dENIZEN addressed this problem in the Totally Shaping jeans.

denizen logoIf you can bring yourself to buy jeans for other members of your family, instead of being selfish like me, dENIZEN has a wide variety of custom washes in styles for the whole family. They are available in Women’s sizes 2 – 18 in the Totally Shaping Mid-Rise Boot Cut like I received as well as Totally Shaping At Waist Boot Cut, Mid-Rise Boot Cut and Mid-Rise Straight.

For men you’ll find waist sizes 29″ – 42″ in the 30″ – 34″ length, in Regular, Loose, Relaxed, Straight, Low Boot, Slim Straight, Skinny, and Super Skinny styles.

Boys and Girls sizes 4-20 are aslo available in a wide range of cuts, colors and styles.

You cannot beat the $17.99 – $29.99 price tag, especially for back to school clothing needs. They’re sold exclusively at Target stores and at Now is an even better time to buy because during the month of August, all boys’ and girls’ dENiZEN jeans are on sale! ALSO… If you head over to the Denizen America Facebook page and click on the Welcome tab after Liking them, You can check out their special offers. Right now you’ll have a chance to instantly win Target giftcards (I got a $15.00 one, WooHoo!), Rebates, and free jeans!

Thanks for the free jeans dENIZEN!
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    I felt the same way. Totally surprise when they fit. I was showing a friend today that I can literally do knee bends and squats in them.

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    They look great!

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    I just saw these at Target yesterday and they caught my eye for some reason (I’ve never bought jeans there, ever) and what a surprise! I’m a size 2 with long legs and these fit perfect, with no gap at the back and super comfortable. I bought them on the spot.

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