The rescue of a big green Frog

Thirty Seven.

That’s how many pictures I found on my camera today.

Thirty seven pictures of….

A Frog.

We found this giant frog in the yard yesterday. He must have been on the move because of the heavy rain we had recently. Unbeknownst to him, our yard is not the safest place in the world for a frog.

Chickens like to eat frogs. They like to eat them very much.

frog in danger

There have been at least 6 occasions (that I’ve seen) this summer in which I watched the girls run around like crazy chasing each other with frog legs dangling from their mouths. While sad for the frog, it is quite comical to watch the chickens parade around while the poor dead frog is being flung up into the air and fought over. It’s like a gruesome game of tag football. Or button button, who’s got the button.

huge green frog

frog eyeball

This large fearless frog captured my heart though. He reminded me of the frog from one of my favorite childhood books, Frog & ToadFrog and Toad childrens book. So I rescued him. I only had to pick him up five times, and recapture him after he hopped off into the wrong direction INTO the chicken pen once, to get him to the relative safety of the overgrown flowerbed so he could wander off to who knows where. He was quite slimy. But I liked him anyway. Frogs are cool, unlike Toads.

big green frog

Pie must have taken the thirty-seven photos BEFORE she came to tell me about him. They do make me smile. Her dreams of being a National Geographic “animal” photographer may come true yet!

Plus, isn’t this the cutest frog you’ve ever seen in your life?

Isn’t it?

frog in the yard

*all photos belong to my daughter Pie


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  1. 2

    What a cute little froggie! Good pictures, too!

  2. 3

    She is taking some great shots!

  3. 4

    Love the close-up of the eyeball!

  4. 5
    Lisa-MyLifeAfterThat says

    Those are some great photos , she has some talent. Poor Froggy, glad you were able to save him !

  5. 6

    What great photos! I had no idea chickens ate frogs! All I kept thinking while reading was how I’ve heard that frogs’ legs taste like chicken. Wonder if the girls realized that!

  6. 8

    LOL that is a lovely frog! And the pictures are really good.

    I’m glad the frog survived. Nothing much survives a bunch of hens once they see it.

    Following. Simple Wyrdings

  7. 9

    Love this little guy! I Think frogs are the most adorable things ever!

  8. 10

    Love the last photo! Is he peeking at you or are you peeking at him? :P

  9. 11
    lisa brown says

    Love your photography. Glad the frog is safe :)

  10. 12
    Court ney says

    Yes, that is the cutest frog I have ever seen in my life I have to tell you! I did not know chickens ate frogs.. I really didn’t. When I had chickens… I do not think that they ate the frogs that were around our yard. I like toads more than frogs. I had a toad come to my door step every night. I made sure to kiss him.

  11. 13

    i have a big green boy frog in my sweimming pool .
    it took 6 weeks before he finally would allow me to pet him and get close to him.i havent gotten to hold him yet but i am working slowly on his trust taking it step by step.i want to make him my pet and take care of him.he is the same color as yours is.i just sit by the pool for hours watching him swim around and then hide and then show his nose from the water and stare at me.i singn him a little froggy song i made up and everytime i do he pops his head out of the water.i didnt just catch him right off i worked my way everyday just going out by the pool and let him get use to me .and leading up to this week he finally would let me get close to touch him .i hope i did this the right way in trying to make him want to be my friend .taking it slow and each day.i fell in love with him the first day i saw it.
    i didnt know what it was till i saw a picture that showed how you could tell if it was a boy or girl.i found it he was a boy and i have allready given him the name mj.i hope someday soon i will get enough trust from him i can hold him.he is so beautiful to me.good like with yours too !
    they are cute animals arent they?god bless


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