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reminds me of our old boat

Super G. and I were sitting here talking about how things have changed for us in the years we’ve been together. One topic we can never run out memories for is all of the vehicles we’ve had over the years. there have been so many cars, trucks, vans, tractors etc. that I can’t even remember them all! Thankfully we’ve settled down into keeping {most} of the vehicles we buy for awhile now that we can afford ones that will last. Thinking back, we’ve had some real clunkers! I’m not even sure how a few passed the vehicle inspection and got their stickers some years!

One of the ugliest cars I remember driving was a big white Oldsmobile. It was a huge boat of a car that had a bad gas tank. I could only fill the tank halfway or it would leak, not the safest thing to be driving! That car could really move though and I went everywhere in that beast until we sold it for something better.

Sometimes I sit back and reminisce about the simpler days where our cars and trucks didn’t have fancy features like heated mirrors, steering wheels with radio controls, usb ports and hd gps that can pinpoint your exact location. Then I wake up and realize without some of these new inventions, I’d be completely lost!

Have you always had newer cars, or are there some big old boats in your past too?


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    hahaha this post made me laugh! Seriously…I don’t know what I would do without my heated seats! I am so glad that we have come SO far in such a short period of time!

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