10 Ways to Say “I Love You” to everyone special in your life

love you noteHave you ever opened up your lunch to find a love note from your mom tucked inside? Does your husband send you random text messages during the day just to say he loves you? If so, you know how good they make you feel. Special. Cared for. Loved.

But love notes don’t have to be just for your spouse or your kids. I’m sure y’all all know someone for whom you can write sweet notes, whether of love, friendship, or encouragement, regardless of whether or not you’re married, or have kids. And there’s no rule that says they have to go in lunches, either.

I’ve put together a list of various ways to say “I love you,” or “Congratulations,” “I’m thankful for your friendship,” or “Have a happy day!” Take these ideas, adapt them to your needs, and get ready to cause an epidemic of smiles!

10 Ways to Say “I Love You”:

1. Banagrams
Scratch a message into the peel of a banana. It’s practically invisible at first, but the broken peel will oxidize over time, causing your message to turn brown and visible within about an hour.

2. Pipe It On
Use frosting or cream cheese to spell out your message on cupcakes, muffins, or crackers.

3. Shower Power
Originally intended for little ones to play with in the tub, you can also use bath crayons to leave love notes on the shower wall.

4. Glass Act
Write your sweet nothings in bold glass marker across the window or back windshield of your spouse’s or teen’s car. Just make sure he can still see!

5. Happy Un-birthday
Wrap a small gift and pack it with your loved one’s lunch. When he reaches for his sandwich, he’ll also find a gift that says you celebrate his life every day, not just on his birthday.

6. Crack the Code
For a little lunchtime sleuthing, write a note in code and include a cipher. Your detective will have to de-code the message before she can read it.

7. Pickpocketing
Slip a love note into your husband’s wallet, or his pockets, before he gets dressed in the morning. He’ll discover your message the next time he opens his wallet.

8. Random Message
Send a random text message, e-mail, or voicemail during the day, just to say “I love you.”

9. Special Delivery
Arrange for something to be delivered to your spouse’s workplace or child’s classroom. A simple card, cupcakes for the class, lunch from your husband’s favorite restaurant.

10. Fortune Teller
Make your own “fortunes” and slip them into fortune cookies in place of the originals. Your spouse or child will be in for a surprise when she opens the cookie!

Guest Post by Rebbekah. You can find Rebbekah blogging at Honey and Cheese, where she shares her ramblings, Jesus-lessons, and smal bits of everyday beauty! Keep up to date with Rebbekah via Twitter at @honeyandchz.

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  1. 1

    What cute ideas! I have a friend with a tradition of writing bananagrams with her son. The little things definitely make a big impression in letting someone know you love and are thinking about them.

  2. 2

    Such great ideas! I’m going to steal a few ;)

  3. 3

    The Banana Trick is wonderful..

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