Fresh Orange Scales – Wordless Wednesday

The first thing we ate out of our garden this year!

French Breakfast radishes!

They were a bit on the tiny side but I needed to thin the patch a little so into my salad they went.

So tasty and crispy!

spring radishes

One of my favorite wildflowers, the Orange Hawkweed.

It popped up outside of my flower bed and I’m happy to have it stay.

I don’t see them very much anymore ):

I love their hairy stems (:

orange hawkweed PA wildflower

I’m sorry.

It’s a snake. A fat snake.

Pie took this picture and I found it on the camera.

It kind of gives me the heebeejeebeeze.  But  his scales are cool.

PA snake

Happy WW!

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  1. 1

    Eeek, I hate snakes! My hubby and brother had to kill one this weekend at my parents house.

  2. 3

    Orange is my favorite color, so I love the orange hawkweed!

  3. 4

    Beautiful photos! Those radishes look great!

  4. 5

    It is always exciting to eat things out of the garden! And that snake is creepy, but I agree, kind of cool as long as he is not up close!

  5. 6

    Those flowers are so pretty – yikes to the snake though!

  6. 7

    Definitely a big ol fat snake! But seeing you thin your radishes maybe I better do that I have a ton growing right now!

    • 8

      I should have been a little more light handed when I seeded because I don’t think thinning is going to help much! A replanting may happen soon ;)

  7. 9

    Ok. I’ve taken pictures of my garden veggies and they don’t even come CLOSE to looking as good as yours. Seriously. Beautiful.

  8. 10

    Ack! I hate snakes! The flowers are beautiful. I’ve never heard of that type of radish, sounds interesting.

  9. 12

    I love the Flowers and Radishes. ;-)

  10. 13

    Oh my goodness, I would have flipped out seeing a snake on my camera or in real life!

  11. 14

    That snake creeps me out too!

  12. 15

    Thanks for sharing! I’m hosting my first WW link up this week – I hope you’ll stop by and join the fun!


  13. 16

    those are beautiful – even the snake! We found a teeny tiny snake here the other day. My daughter loves snakes, I’m gonna have to teach her which ones to avoid.

  14. 17

    Okay, the snake kinda creeps me out… but you’re right, the scales are beautiful!

  15. 18

    breakfast radishes?? so you must like spicy breakfast? I love wildflowers of any kind. but the snake… that Pie is too brave for her own good. Do they leave your chickens alone?

  16. 19

    Okay, the other pictures rock, but that snake is gunna give me nightmares! EEK!

  17. 20

    The snake definitely creeps me out!

  18. 21

    No thanks on the snake! Great pictures.

  19. 22

    I SOOO need to plant some radishes. The snake is very, very fat! Ick!

  20. 23

    1. Yummy!
    2. Pretty!
    3. Holy crap! I can’t believe she stayed and took a picture. I would have run in the other direction.

    • 24

      lol! She wants to be a “National Geographer Photographer”! I’m sure I’ll have a heart attack if she pursues that dream and gets up and close with other wild animals!

  21. 25

    I was going to say – love the pics, until I saw the snake! Well… they’re still good pics!

  22. 26

    Love the radishes, pretty flowers…HATE the snake
    we always find them on the porch EWW

  23. 27

    The radishes are gorgeous. The snake is NOT!

  24. 28

    Those flowers are gorgeous! I don’t think I have ever seen any of those before.
    Thanks for the linky too!

    • 29

      They used to be quite common along the road and in ditches, with the township always mowing everything down I never see them anymore, they aren’t very large either, just bright and cheery!

  25. 30

    oh my a picture I bet it took you by surprise come see me at

  26. 31

    Holy. Crap. That snake looks HUGE.

    • 32

      It does look big, which is why I was a bit shocked! I’m not sure if it’s a Garter snake or something else but it’s non venomous so no big worry :)

  27. 33

    Yum! Fresh radishes are the best. Are those mild, hot or …? Just curious.

    The flowers are beautiful and the snake is pretty, too. Just hope it was far from your home and yard. :)

    • 34

      They are pretty mild at this tiny size, I’m not sure if they will spice or not but they are delicious! The package says “More old world radish flavor than traditional varieties”.

  28. 35

    Great pictures. Even of the snake. I would be scared out of my mind, though.

  29. 36

    where was the snake? that is a super close up!!!! my bff would DIE if she scrolled down and saw this pic, she is soooo afraid of snakes.

  30. 38

    oh, Love the pictures! I’m waiting patiently for something to come out of my garden…hopefully soon!

  31. 40

    I love how bright the flowers look and even thought it is a SNAKE (yuck) it is a great photo.

  32. 41

    These photos are so beautiful!

  33. 42

    I hope that snake wasn’t in your garden!

  34. 43

    I love to eat things fresh out of the garden, they always taste better that way.
    The flowers are beautiful.
    I think Pie has a very good chance of being a photographer for National Geographic, she did a great job on the snake. Plus you are right, the scales are cool.

  35. 44

    ewww… got goose bump from the snake.

  36. 45

    Those look YUM!

  37. 46
    Therapists Los Angeles says

    Mmm, those radishes look great! Gardening is such a cathartic exercise for me, and when I can harvest actual fruits and vegetables I have grown instead of just flowers, it has the added benefit of adding to my diet! What else do you have growing this season?

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