Bindi Wildlife Adventures – book series by Bindi Sue Irwin

I love to read - so I thought that these books might be another way to share with kids my love for wildlife! Every kid can make a difference and I hope that these books get all kids excited about changing our world! - Bindi Irwin quoteDo you remember The Crocodile Hunter Diaries TV show? Oh how we used to love that show, not only for it’s exciting moments but also because of wildlife conservationist Steve Irwin’s obvious passion for the endangered animals he loved so much.

We were thrilled to hear that Steve and Terri Irwin’s little toddler, that we used to watch with them on the show, is now a lovely young  lady with a new book series; Bindi Wildlife Adventures. Bindi has definitely been a very busy girl, at just 12 years old she has an Emmy award winning television show, two Nickelodeon awards, starred in Free Willy 4 alongside Beau Bridges, and even has her own clothing line; Bindi Wear International! Whew!

Bindi hopes to get children thinking about wildlife conservation with stories based in places such as Madagascar, Cambodia,  and Europe, just to name a few. The Komodo dragon, koala, springbok, tiger cub, and whale are only some of the animals your children will meet in the adventurous tales.

Bindi Sue Irwin book series - Book 1 Trouble At The Zoo

Trouble at the Zoo: Bindi Wildlife Adventures

Bindi’s birthday party at the zoo is going to be huge. Karaoke, animal rides, dancing competitions — it’s all happening! But one spoiled 10-year old boy is determined not to have any fun. Bindi and Robert both try to put a smile on his face, but nothing seems to work! The day is nearly ruined when the boy tries to steal one of the zoo’s precious water dragons, but Bindi, Robert, and a very clever  green-winged macaw come to the rescue!

112 pages


Bindi Irwin book series - Rescue!

Rescue!: Bindi Wildlife Adventures

On a horse trek in South Africa, Bindi and her friend Hannah discover a breeding sanctuary for the endangered giant sable antelope. It soon becomes apparent, however, that not everyone is interested i keeping the antelope safe. When the girls are caught spying, they fear their chance to tell the authorities is ruined! With the help of a fellow wildlife activist, Bindi and Hannah face down the police, an evil plot, and a lion to save the antelope!

112 pages


The six new Bindi Wildlife Adventures series books you’ll want to keep an eye out for this year are:I don't want Daddy's passion to ever end. I want to help endangered wildlife just like he did - Bindi Irwin quote

  • Trouble At The Zoo April 2011
  • Rescue April 2011
  • Bushfire June 2011
  • Camouflage June 2011
  • A Whale Of A Time Fall 2011
  • Roar! Fall 2011

Hen Says: I’m forever looking for books that my easily distracted tween will want to read. During summertime it’s especially important to keep my daughter’s interest in books alive while she’s out of school. The first two books in the Bindi Wildlife Adventure series were the perfect length for my soon to be fifth grader’s summer reading list. Any child that has a love of animals and nature will be sure to enjoy. As a mom, I always like to see a extra educational value added to the books and toys I choose for my children. The Animal Fact Files included at the end of each chapter book are a nice little bonus that will pique your child’s interest in the animals they’ve just read about {did you know that the Eastern Water Dragon can stay underwater for 30 minutes!}.

The adventures are fast paced with little time for the young reader to become bored. Humorous and interesting story lines that involve Bindi, her mother Terri, brother Robert, close friends and amazing animals, move along at just the right speed to keep the targeted 7 – 10 year old age group reading.

Pie Says: I liked them because she {Bindi} is writing books at almost my age and they are about animals and she gets to pet all different kinds. She sometimes says it’s cool how the animals feel and what noises they make. They are really cool books!!

We both think the Bindi Wildlife Adventure series make a great addition to the bookshelf and look forward to reading the remaining books of the series! If you’d like to check out some great easy reader books for your child you can find Bindi Irwin’s books on Learn more about the Irwin family, Australia Zoo, Wildlife Warriors, and their other amazing wildlife conservation efforts via

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