Wordless Wednesday – Pesky Chickens

Four of these shots show chickens where they do not belong.

Only one is where it should be.

Can you guess who will be having a picnic table ownership war this summer?


pesky chickens


They’ve never had a fascination with the picnic table before! I think it has to do with Mr.Puff {r.i.p.} not being around to protect them. Maybe it makes them feel safer? Dorks.

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  1. 1

    good luck with that!

  2. 2

    LOL oh how I remember all of that all too well from when I was growing up. Nothing like trying to jump on a trampoline with chickens who won’t move!

  3. 4

    Oh, no! Now how do you get your chickens to use the table without pooping all over it? Mine just like to bomb things. Lol. Yes, they really do get everywhere, don’t they? I feel badly for your little garden.

    • 5

      The poop is the problem lol. I had to scrub the table for our picnic last weekend. That one chicken in the garden is the only one I’ve seen in there so far. They won’t win!

  4. 6

    Not for me!! LOL and you want me to get guineas? No thanks! hehehehe

    • 7

      Haha! Annie, they truly have never ever had any interest in the picnic table before, I really don’t know what’s up with it this year! Yes, you still need guineas, they like to hang out in the trees so maybe your picnic table would be safe :)

  5. 8

    Tell your chickens to save the pooping for my garden, its needs fertilizer anyway LOL

  6. 9

    Here is hoping you win the war! I hate chickens lol. I used to have to feed ours everyday growing up and I was really really scared of them.

  7. 10

    That flower is gorgeous. What is it?
    Thanks for the linky too!

  8. 12

    Great pictures!

  9. 13

    Love the picture!

  10. 14
    Adventures of the Domesticated Mama says

    Oh my! Tell them to put that in the garden only. :)

  11. 15

    They are definitely marking their territory, that’s for sure!

  12. 16

    Holy chickens! I can honestly say that is a problem I have never had.

  13. 18

    I want chickens!! I think they are adorable.

    • 19

      They are! I n fact I kept laughing about them perching there but hubby keeps complaining, so I must make them quit because a complaining hubby is annoying!

  14. 20

    That’s too funny! Your poor table will have to get wiped down a lot this summer.

  15. 21

    Looks like a lot of fun around the picnic table this summer, nice photos.

  16. 22

    You are wonder woman if you can have chickens I’m not sure I could ever handle them! ;)

  17. 24

    Lol..well, one led the rest astray.

  18. 25

    I’ve heard chickens are stubborn – too funny!

  19. 26

    Too funny… I’m thinking they want you to invite them to dinner, not FOR dinner.
    I agree with Angie, that Chive flower is gorgeous.

  20. 27

    too funny! Just don’t have any grilled chicken for a picnic dinner!

  21. 28

    Good luck, I hope you win :)

  22. 29

    They all want a picnic lunch!

  23. 30

    Thanks for stopping by and linking your WW!

    Lori @ http://la-lashomedaycare.blogspot.com

  24. 31

    It reminds me of Survivor and their roaming chickens! *l*

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