Wordless Wednesday – Weekend

books bought at Borders sale

I needed more books… really.

trampoline jumping

Pie was at it again! She is really turning into a wonderful bird photographer! I can’t wait to see what she captures next :) Happy WW!

goldfinch at bird feeder

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  1. 1

    She REALLY is doing so well with her photos! (and I’m so jealous of your book haul)

    • 2

      I think so too! I had to practically beg my hubby to stop at Borders when I saw the huge 90% off sign! He’s just lucky they were picked over so well, he got off easy ;)

  2. 3

    Super vibrant colors on those birds – I love it!

  3. 4

    I love book sales!! Looks like you snagged some good ones too.

    And my kids LOVE the trampoline at their mema and grandad’s house. Still debating whether to get one for myself

  4. 6

    That is a nice book haul!!!

  5. 7

    Yeah, the pictures of the birds look great!!
    We went to borders when it was 25% off or something. got a few good books, but not spectacular pricing. Maybe we’ll try again now!

    I loved the trampoline days!!! I miss those days where I could jump all day!!

  6. 9

    Looks like it was fun!

  7. 10

    I love all the books, since having my son I haven’t read anything like I used to!

  8. 11

    You can never have enough books! Beautiful bird photos.

  9. 12

    Beautiful finches! Looks like a wonderful weekend! I have a whole drawer full of books I need to read. I hid them so as to de-clutter but it nags me knowing they are there ;)

  10. 14

    Wow, look at all those books. I’m jealous you have time to read ;)

  11. 15

    Trampolines are so much fun. Love the bird photos, great shots.

  12. 16

    what a great photographer! And I bet you got all those books for such a great deal it doesn’t matter :)

  13. 18

    I hate those great hauls because they mean you’ll never be able to go back for more ;(

    Enjoy your day.

  14. 20

    Jealous of your book haul…I love historical romance type stories. I bought a new Philippa Gregory book last week…just need to finish my other book first. :)

  15. 22

    I always love a good book sale! I recently got a kindle and kind of miss having an actual book sometimes. And the bird pics are awesome! And, I didn’t know they had spring free trampolines now!

    • 23

      I think I would miss the actual book as well! We won the Springfree last summer via a Facebook contest! It’s one of the best things we’ve ever owned, the whole family enjoys it!

  16. 24

    Will that reading keep you busy? I love to read but dont get much of a chance anymore :(

  17. 26

    Sad that Borders in going out of business but there are some good finds as they discount everything. Same with Blockbuster stores.

  18. 27

    You can never have enough books. Though my hubby strongly disagrees!

    • 28

      Mine too! He keeps saying that he’s scared my bookshelf will fall on him and crush him while he’s sleeping, lol! I Think he’s exaggerating ;P

  19. 29

    Great pictures and I am so jealous of all your books!

  20. 30

    Great shots and awesome score at borders!

  21. 31

    Great shots! I want some of those books!

  22. 32

    What great photos by your daughter… I love nature photographs.
    I love book sales, but if I bring in another book in this house, my hubby will have a heart attack.
    I adore the sneak photo of the kids on the trampoline, great shot.
    Have a great week.

  23. 34

    Looks like a great weekend!

  24. 35

    I still can’t believe Border’s is going out of business…those look like awesome books.

  25. 37

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  26. 38

    Beautiful photos! Did you get me any books? ;-) My kids would love a trampoline… I’ll be sending them over tomorrow. :-D

  27. 39

    Who couldn’t use a few new books, especially when you can get them at a great price!

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