Kanzius Non-invasive Radio Wave Cancer Treatment. Spread the Wave! @Kanzius

If you’ve visited the blog lately you may have noticed a large graphic in my sidebar that says “Repeat the Wave”. What’s it all about? I’d like to share this campaign with you, please know that this is a completely un-sponsored post. I really believe in this research and want to help spread the word!

As a cancer survivor and someone who has had many many family members and friends who have survived, fought, experienced, and even lost the battle to this horrible disease, I feel very strongly about supporting Cancer research and the Kanzius Cancer research Foundation , founded by the late John Kanzius. I cannot put into words how this video makes me feel. This research just makes me want to cry with hope! Please take a moment to watch, it’s very interesting.

Can you imagine a world without cancer? I can, I want to, and I believe that it is within our reach!

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How can you help? It’s so easy to help support the Kanzius Cancer Research Foundation.

  • Facebook – Become a fan of Kanzius Cancer Research Foundation on Facebook and follow the journey to human trials! Please go “Like” them. For every new fan added to the foundation’s Facebook page, An anonymous donor will be giving $1 {up to 125,000 fans}. They are only at 13k fans so please please pass this on!
  • Donate – For every dollar that is donated to the foundation through the Spread the Wave campaign page, a donor will add 50 cents {up to 250,000}.
  • Share – If you have a minute to blog, email, or share this info with your friends and family, every single like is another $1 towards research that could potentially save their life one day!

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    Thanks so much for sharing this info! I spread the word and will continue to!

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    Thanks so much for visiting and following. :) this is GREAT information!!! Thanks so much for posting this!!!!!!!!

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    Why isn’t Steve Jobs working on this project. He has Pancreatic Cancer. He is in trouble. Mr. Jobs can build a facility out of the country that doesn’t answer to the FDA. How many terminal cancer patients would be willing to try this technology? This project should be funded by the Federal Government and fast tracked by the FDA. Since that won’t happen, Steve Job and friends should step in. What good will his money do him if he’s not here to spend it?

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