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pointing fingerI haven’t done a found and shared post in so long that I can’t even remember the last one! Even though I have a to-do list a mile long, I’m just not feeling it today. Pie’s fever is gone {scratch that, her fever is back again} but she’s still home, you can’t go to school when your coughing your eyeballs out every second all day long. My head hurts from her coughing! Does that make sense? Anywho, here are some interesting things that have came to my inbox this week. Reminders to myself and a few things I’ve run across in between playing maid to my still sick daughter.



Do you exercise? I used to, regularly. I’m a slacker lately though and so everyday I go over and read the daily post Kim writes about how INSANITY is changing her life at 5:30 every morning. Then I think to myself, “you should be doing this too you lazy bum!“. Then I go eat a cookie.

Andrea over at The Creative Junkie {go read – she is funny!} must have THE cutest little BAD  puppy dog there is. I mean how could you be mad at that!

Please Keep Faythe’s {GrammyMouseTails} grandson in your thoughts. He has been through some tough stuff in his little life and just broke his femur on Tuesday.


Need to Eat Now:

  • This Pineapple Chicken recipe from Recipes For Moms sounds so good! Very quick and it goes in the slow cooker. Think I’ll try it this weekend!



  • This post over at Frugal Village about unconventional dishwasher uses makes me wish we had one. Baseball caps? Garden Veggies? What do you think about this? Do you use your dishwasher for things other than dishes?
  • I am in love with this adorable Scrap Craft project over at Cluck Cluck Sew! What a fun way to use up your fabric scraps or keep your kid out of your hair for a few minutes occupied! {plus she also has a chicken in her header, yay!}
  • If you like to play with your photos on your computer {who doesn’t!} and you are too broke {like me}to afford Photoshop, give Photoscape a try. It’s free and very fun! You can make Page layouts for printing or web use. There are a ton of fun frames and add-ons like a raw image editor, specialty paper printing {graph, to-do lists, calendar etc.}. I’ve been using it along with Paint.NET and it’s a great tool. Have fun with it!



  • Get a taste of the latest in fully loaded flavor efficiency. Just grab a bowl and hold onto your spoon, because this breakfast cereal will put you in the fast lane to fruit flavor! Sign up to taste drive a sample at Touch of Fruit. {Vocalpoint program, they’re great you should definitely check them out}
  • Selected members will get to try and review KRAFT Shredded Cheese with a Touch of Philly. Become an EXPO member and take the qualification screener for your chance to sample the newest product for FREE.



I forgot to tell you that I finally gave in after two weeks and bought the last book of The Outlander series. After borrowing the first six books from a friend who was borrowing them herself {and reading them in a very short time} I was desperate to read the last book. Now that I have it though, I NEVER want it to end. I have been savoring An Echo in the Bone page by page. I allow myself to read 3 – 10 page each evening before bed. AM I crazy? Probably. I just don’t want this to end. I’m scared to read what will happen to Jamie, Claire, Briana and Roger. I want them to all live happily, be together, not be together, find peace, kick the crap out of the bad guy, etc. etc. Oh why do I do this to myself! Do you read series? How do you deal when the end is near?

And just FYI my Ginger dog is a peanut fiend. Seriously, as soon as Super G. cracks the lid on a can of roasted peanuts Ginger comes trotting over from whatever she’s doing. She’ll wake up from a sound sleep without a word. She LOVES them. She only gets 3 or 4 though, as I don’t think they’re the best thing for dogs.

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