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question marksThis year I have started to think about my blog more seriously. I’ve been trying to make my posts more search and SEO friendly, as well as trying to remember to post at least a few times a week. I’ve  spent the past few months thinking about and creating a new look. Nothing drastic but it is more visually pleasing to me, and I hope to you too! The hardest part of the process was trying to find images that I liked and could use in my design. Sometimes it can be a huge challenge to find quality graphic resources that are free to use on a blog. Which is why in the end, I left it basically the same and changed up the colors.

A nice design isn’t the only thing I’ve been thinking about. Another idea I have from helping Super Genius with his construction business, is to get more advertising out there about my blog. Super G. and I often make brochures and fliers to promote sales he has going on. Why couldn’t I do something similar for my blog? I don’t think I would want to put up fliers but Promotional pens could be a really neat, and different, way for me to share my site with friends without seeming too pushy. I could leave a pile of eye catching pens at other local businesses that I frequent for people to take as they please. I also had the silly idea to send my daughter or son to school with a handful of promotional pencils to share with their friends. They might leave them lying around for parents to find, who would then maybe be curious and come see what my blog is all about. Hey, it could work! What ideas have you thought of, or tried to spread the word about your blog?

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