Duckie’s {the duck} Video

The other day I was talking about how our duck, Duckie‘s, walk makes me giggle. We’ve been letting the chickens and ducks out to wander in the afternoons for the past few days. They were so funny running all over and scratching around earlier that I thought to grab the camera to video a bit of Duckie for you. Don’t mind our yard, it’s a disaster after the long cold winter and it hasn’t warmed up {or dried out} enough to start spring cleaning outside yet. There is stuff everywhere and it looks awful!

You can hear the neighbors little mop dogs barking in the background, don’t mind them. Also in the beginning of the video you can see Tweet, the 4H banty hen, and Camille with Duckie. Then comes running Slash {she came with that name lol} the Barred Rock and Cutie PaTootie the Buff Orpington. Brownie, an Easter egger, comes racing over next to see what all the fuss is about. And then, there’s Sam, our Pekin Duck, {Samantha} under the rabbit hutch diggin’ around in God only knows what. She is completely covered in muck and looks like a reverse skunk, lol!

Then me forgetting to turn off video. Duh! Hope you liked seeing Duckie’s funny wobble!

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    Aww, that was cute! I wish i had some animals to feed in my backyard!! how fun


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