The 31 Day Photo & Prompt challenge – Day Five

Today’s prompt: Your day.

My day is actually about yesterday {Friday} because I’ve been putting up my photo & prompt post the night before so I don’t forget!

Today {Friday} was a good day. I had three bags of Girl Scout Cookies left to deliver in order to clear the house {and my brain} of thin mints and lemon chalets FOREVER! Or at least until next year. We made a day of it, Super G, my mom and I. The first stop was my sister Kim’s house, Kim who I never get to see. Now that I know where she lives though, I can swing by whenever I darn well feel like it {or at least whenever she isn’t working a 55  and a 1/2 hour shift and/or I have zillions of dollars to waste on $4.00 a gallon gasoline}.

My sister and I

Next stop was Subway to track down my cousin Jamie who I also never get to see except for the yearly family reunion. Last year all of us girls promised we’d get together for a girl’s night out, whatever happened to that idea? I ended up not being able to say more than ten words to her because it seems that some people actually work in this world – unlike this clueless stay at home mom! For future reference visiting your cousin where she works at Subway on a Friday at exactly NOON is really not the smartest thing you’ve ever planned out. Yes people, I PLANNED on getting there at noon. I’m not joking when I tell you that that was the absolutely busiest Subway I’ve ever seen in my life! Crazy! Dumb dumb dumb! Oh well, now that I know where SHE works I can go visit her whenever I durn well please too, just not at noon. Luckily my last cookie delivery met me in the parking lot to grab her cookies.

mom's fabric

This left us enough time to go to Joann Fabrics so mom could spend her birthday money. On a side note – Do you think it’s weird that I gave my mom money for her birthday? It felt a bit strange, like I was gifting a teenage nephew or something. Oh well, she liked it because she’s currently in a fabric shopping/buying/sewing obsession phase.


I bought two yards of fabric {just because} that I liked. In fact the fabric is almost exactly the colors I want to update my blog with. Super G. didn’t really think that was a good enough reason to buy it but what does he know? I also grabbed two skeins of Serenity garden yarn to crochet myself some socks, it was on sale 2 skeins for $5 and I wasn’t leaving without it.

new canon printer

We made it home with half an hour to spare before T gets off the bus and Pie needs picked up from school. you know what I realized? I am getting OLD. Why? I fell asleep on the couch and woke up almost an hour later when Super G. got home from picking Pie up. Wow! I haven’t taken a nap during daylight hours since I had the 24 hour puke fest 3 days before Christmas. Maybe this nap is a way of my body trying to tell itself that going to bed at 2am is just not working for it. We’ll see. Anyway what actually woke me up was the sound of sweet Pie’s voice saying Dad bought us huge Green milkshakes mom! Green shakes!? That can only mean one thing, Shamrock Shakes! YUM!

shamrock shake

I jumped of the couch and while sipping on my deliciously minty shake noticed a large 2 foot square box sitting by the door. Mr.T. had accepted a delivery from the UPS guy. My Canon printer! Woot! Old one broke, been going nuts without one so I’m really glad it’s here. Now I just have to wait on the wireless router I ordered to get it all up and running again.


My sweet guy ordered Pizza and antipasto salad for supper too so this mama was happy! The last few hours of Friday were spent browsing the web looking at new blog themes, this one is getting old and I’m tired of looking at those snowflakes in the background. I want something fresh and clean but am biting my nails about spending money on the theme I want since I won’t know if I like it until after I get to try it. Decisions decisions!  Also, I’ve realized that Super G’s cell phone takes really really bad photos and that my new Nikon P100 is very frustrating { due to user error I’m sure }. I took better photos with my cheaper Cannon Powershot that broke. Now I have craptastic photos and it’s ticking  me off! Well that was my day!

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    Sounds like a fabulous day indeed!! I want a shamrock shake now. Right Now. Hehe…

  2. 2

    Wow – you have been REALLY busy! Oh, and if you lived near me, I would SO take those Girl Scout Cookies off your hands!

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