Volcanoes, glasses and life

Pie’s volcano model that I shared with you last Wednesday turned out pretty good! We had fun creating it out of plaster of paris, cardboard, and newspaper. Our school holds a science fair every year, the children don’t compete for prizes or top place, but some teachers do give extra credit for their efforts. They also all get a small ribbon and a personalized note saying something clever or encouraging about each project. I think the how to make a volcano tutorial we found online was great! It turned out better than the paper mache one Mr.T. made when he was in elementary school, and dried much quicker. We loved the “tray” the box formed, that was really nice to contain the vinegar and baking soda explosion :).

We found these great acrylic paints on sale in the clearance aisle at Wally World for $5, and we have tons left for other projects.  We did waste half a bottle of orange, and the sparkly gold that we thought was tan, trying to make a decent brown. It didn’t work. So the volcano ended up being black, which I think turned out even better. All in all, our volcano experience was lots of fun. I can’t wait to see what Pie wants to make next year!

volcano model

volcano model

Two weeks ago something happened to Mr.T. that he swore would never, ever, ever, not-in-a-million-year, ever happen to him.

He had to get glasses. In fact, I’m not sure how he’s survived this long without them since they said he has 20/60 vision. that’s bad enough that he won’t pass a driver license exam without them. So we fulfilled his worst nightmare and took him to the eye doctor. I’m happy to say that he lived through the experience and even, dare I say it? Kind of likes being able to actually SEE things now. Oh, he said, I didn’t know this was how things were supposed to look. *smack forehead now*. Let me tell you, it was just wonderful that Pie had just gotten new glasses two weeks before that. Glasses are expensive. I know. I need new ones too but momma will have to wait a bit before she goes now! Anyway, I think T looks quite nice in his new eye wear!

new glasses

And here is one more picture just because it’s silly. Oh, and disturbingly, it kind of reminds of Charlie Sheen (What in the HE double LL is going on with that dude anyway? scary!) T was messing around with his art & design homework the other day. Silly boy :)

drawing eyes

Oh, and this lovely thing.

flooded driveway

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