So far away for her – but soon enough for mom

For some reason it hit me this week that my little girl only has one more year of elementary school after this one lets out. Can you believe that? One more year of being in only two classrooms for the whole day. One more year of cute little kid cubbies to stow her coat in instead of metal lockers. Next year will be one of the last years she’ll be as close as she is to her current friends. When it’s time to start middle school the neighboring elementary school kids will be joining Pie and her classmates. Friendships will shift, bonds will change to make room for new kids to wiggle their way into her life. It will be interesting.

It will be strange to watch her go off to Junior high where shell have to undertake the task of learning how to open her new big kid locker while rushing in between the class bell. I hope she isn’t anything like me with those dreaded combination locks. I was forever fighting mine until I gave up and just left it open. Nowadays that would be a bad idea with everything that goes on in schools, but back then, it was the norm.

I wonder what kind of person she’ll become as she begins to find herself and grow into a young woman? What pieces of teenage life will she and her friends plaster all over the inside of their school lockers? Will it look like her room does now? I’m sure the posters of kittens with crowns, squirrels wielding light sabers, and even “Fearless” Taylor Swift will be replaced with more big girl stuff like *eeeek* celeb boys photos. They grow so quickly! I just have to remember to stop and enjoy the moments we have because soon they will be new moments with my daughter, who is changing and growing everyday into a beautiful young woman!

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