Super Genius explores the dark recesses of the old filing cabinet

Super Genius was digging around in the old filing cabinet and found a tattered and dusty manila envelope today. It looked vaguely familiar… Oh good grief! It’s all of our old film! Fifteen, twelve, ten year old film! I had forgotten all about it it, even though at least once a year Super G. and I will say to each other:

Hey, we should dig out that old film and get it developed!


It has never happened though because we always seem to forget. Not this time. We have the bag sitting on the table. I’ve checked a few places and the lowest priced one that I can find is Dwayne’s Photo.  (anyone heard of them?) It still isn’t cheap though, I can remember when it was around $2.50 to have a roll of 110 developed. Am I really that old! My kids don’t even know what 110 is, or 35 mm for that matter. They will surely be puzzled when they get home from school today and see a bag of these mystery items from ancient times sitting on the table. So we will be sending off 6 rolls at a time for development, that’s 5.25 a roll + shipping. it will be almost $40 to have 6 rolls developed.

old 110 and 35mm film

We have thirty four rolls of 110. ((34)) That’s $178.50 to get them developed…. that’s over $200.00 altogether after shipping fees (It’s more if you ship them in batches bigger than 6 rolls). Holy Moly! I didn’t even add in the nine rolls of 35mm or the three disposable cameras yet!  We’re going to do it though, starting today we’re sending in six at a time.

What do I see when I look at these outrageously priced little pieces of plastic?

I see bits of our past. Little moments in time that we captured and have forgotten. I wish for a picture of my Dad who has been gone for over eight years now. What a treasure it would be if one of the rolls had a picture of him, I have so few. I wish for pictures of the kids when they were babies, I know that most of them must be of Mr.T. because he was the first and by the time Pie was around we were using digital.

I pick up a roll and wonder what might be in there; is THIS the one that holds a precious piece of our past selves? Does this one tell us a story about who we were before? Or, are they perhaps all pictures of the bears, and monkeys, and lions from summer vacations?

A picture of our Ginger dog when she was a puppy would be enough to make me squeal with glee. I know I took one but have never found it ,so it must be hidden amongst these plastic parts. Maybe we’ll even find pictures of our first furry friends, Conan and Spitz. How we miss them so. I know there must be photos from trips to the zoo, Niagra Falls, and playing in the yard – family gatherings, perhaps some more memories we forgot we had. I cannot wait, the excitement and suspense is just too much!

Have you ever had old film developed? Did it turn out okay? We you surprised at what was on it?

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  1. Do drug stores still develop film? You can tell how long it has been since I have had film developed. That looks like a lot of film. I am sure you will find some amazing memories there.

  2. OMG! someone worse than me!!! I found some 110 way back over 20 years ago & I sent it in… it was from my honeymoon! 16 years earlier!! I could see images on some of the prints, but it was so sad :( none were complete and all had heat damage. so if you didn’t store yours up in the attic (duh!) you may get some good ones. have you checked prices at Walgreens or walmart? Good luck!

    • @Faythe, I am hoping it will have a t least some good images as it was stored in a dry place and shouldn’t have heat damage but who knows! All we can do is cross our fingers and hope for the best :) We did check Walmart and the prices were a few dollars more per roll so we are thinking sending them out will be worth it since we have so many!

  3. Did you ever get some of these packs of film developed? If so let me know so I can come over and look at them! :) mom

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