{almost} Wordless Wednesday – Dog Bed Hazards

I’ve been a slacker lately! The sad thing is that I do have quite a bit that needs to be blogged. Christmas is starting to freak me out though and I’m slightly addicted to shopping on Amazon.com so other things have been getting pushed aside. In the hopes that you don’t think I’ve entirely abandoned you here’s a Wordy Wordless Wednesday post. I haven’t even done one of these in weeks – bad blogger, bad!

ginger's new bed

Now isn’t that just adorable? Ginger got herself a new bed Monday, well, Super Genius and I got her a new bed. Gander Mountain had a huge pile of them for $29 – $49 while we were out Christmas shopping. Since Ginger hasn’t had a bed since the flea episode we figured it was about time. She must have thought so too because I swear she hasn’t moved off of it for more than 5 minutes since we gave it to her!

A word of advice though… if you do happen to buy your fat lazy dog a big comfy bed (which by the way doesn’t fit anywhere except directly in front of the tv stand in the middle of the floor) – and you are in the habit of staying up late with all of the lights off – and you almost kill yourself trying to get to the bedroom in the wee hours of the morning because your chocolate brown dog blends in perfectly with her chocolate brown bed then don’t blame me! I warned you! Seriously folks, this is a hazard! Luckily the arm of the couch broke my fall and Super Genius didn’t wake up to yell at me for coming to bed at a ridiculous hour. (That would be the fault of Amazon shopping again)

Santa girls

Pie and I have already started our hat wearing fun this December. My poor hat has seen it’s day though, I think I need a new ball since Pie’s is still fluffy and mine is pretty much mangled beyond recognition! We do like our Santa hats, we like ’em a lot. We like to wear them pretty much all the time, so as soon as Pie gets home from school we usually put them on. Sometimes I start without her and wear mine during the day. Which by the way gets some pretty good smiles from the random UPS man, FedEx guy and occasional visitor that stops in. I don’t care! I like my Santa Hat. Plus it keeps me warm because it is stinkin’ freezing! Didn’t your mother ever tell you to put your hat on? It holds in the heat :)

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